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Economy & Jobs 06-03-2015

Schulz asks Spain and Greece to work ‘in a spirit of cooperation’

“We have to work together in a spirit of cooperation,” said European Parliament President Martin Schulz after Madrid and Athens had a war of words last week over Greece's extension of its bailout programme.
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Economy & Jobs 13-02-2015

Rajoy: Spain has no money to spare, expects Greece to repay Spanish loans

Speaking to journalists after the European Council meeting on Thursday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the Spanish government expects Greece to repay the 26 billion euro loan that Madrid granted Athens.
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Economy & Jobs 10-10-2014

Catalan official: “We cannot treat Catalonia like a third country”

“There is no provision in the EU treaties to describe a process like the one is happening in Catalonia”, says secretary for Foreign and EU Affairs of the Government of Catalonia Roger Albinyana.
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Brexit 19-09-2014

EU says Scotland’s NO vote good for “united and stronger” Europe

In a poll that attracted over 84% turnout, Scotland voted on Thursday to remain part of the United Kingdom by around 55% to 45%.
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Global Europe 18-09-2014

Europe awaits Scotland’s independence vote

"Should Scotland be an independent country?" Over 4 million Scots are set to go the polls on Thursday to answer this question and decide whether or not they want to stay part of the United Kingdom.
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Global Europe 15-04-2014

EU insists that an independent Catalonia would leave the EU

The European Commission insisted on Tuesday that Catalonia would have to leave the EU if it becomes independent from Spain. The comments came after a group of advisers to the Catalan government published a report saying that an independent Catalonia would be able to stay in the EU.
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Barroso’s answer to Mas: Catalonia’s referendum on independence is a Spanish debate

20 days is how long Catalonia's President Artur Mas had to wait to get an answer from Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso. Earlier in December, Mas sent Barroso a letter seeking his support for the Spanish region to hold a referendum on independence next November. But once again Brussels refused to comment on what they see as a 'political internal matter', adding that the Commission has no powers to judge the situation.
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Global Europe 19-12-2013

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy asked to show accreditation when entering EU Council

As EU leaders gather in Brussels for the last EU summit of the year, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was asked to show his accreditation when entering the EU Council building. Heads of state and government are meeting in Brussels on 19 and 20 December for a European Council summit. Security and defence and the economic and monetary union are the main topics on the agenda.
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Elections 13-12-2013

EU warns an independent Catalonia would become a ‘third country’

Brussels warned Catalonia on Friday that it would no longer be an EU member state if it becomes independent from Spain. The warning came after Catalan separatist parties set November 2014 as the date in which an independence referendum will be held in the spanish north-east region of Catalonia. "Do you want Catalonia to be a state?" and "Do you want that state to be independent?" would be the two questions asked in the referendum.
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Brexit 15-11-2013

EU: Spanish controls at Gibraltar border do not break law

The European Commission said on Friday that there is no evidence Spain broke EU law by imposing tight controls at its border with Gibraltar, urging both sides to act to ease bottlenecks that strained relations between London and Madrid.
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Brussels says an independent Catalonia would need to leave EU

Brussels warned on Monday that the Spanish northeastern region of Catalonia would no longer be an EU member state if it becomes independent from Spain. The European Commission decided on Monday to indirectly set out its position on the Catalan self-determination debate, after it refused to comment on last weeks' pro-independence mass protest in Catalonia. Answering increasing demands from the Catalan government and the Spanish press, a top EU official said that any new independent state would become ' a third country'.
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Brexit 26-08-2013

European Commission on Gibraltar’s artificial reef

British overseas territory Gibraltar could open its waters to Spanish fishermen again by October, its chief minister was cited as saying on Friday (23 August), offering a chance that the dispute with Spain – which lays claim to the rocky outpost – might be nearing resolution. The dispute broke out last month after Gibraltar's construction of an artificial reef using concrete blocks in the bay off the tiny territory. Gibraltarian authorities say the move was necessary to help marine life recover from overfishing.
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Railways 26-07-2013

Train crash in Spain leaves 78 dead

At least 78 people were killed and at more than 150 were hurt in an accident near the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela on Wednesday (24 July), making it the deadliest rail accident since a German train ran off the tracks at Eschede in 1998, killing 101 passengers and crew.
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Railways 25-07-2013

European Commission on the Spanish train crash

At least 78 people were killed and at more than 150 were hurt in an accident near the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela on Wednesday (24 July), making it the deadliest rail accident since a German train ran off the tracks at Eschede in 1998, killing 101 passengers and crew.   In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Rajoy, Commission President José Manuel Barroso said: “I am deeply saddened by the terrible train accident that took place yesterday evening near Santiago de Compostela.
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Elections 16-07-2013

Spain’s Rajoy refuses to resign as graft scandal unfolds

After refusing for weeks to comment on allegations linking the Spanish government with illegal payments and secret financing, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy broke his silence on Monday and rejected calls for his resignation by the opposition parties. Speaking at a news conference in Madrid with visiting Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Rajoy said that he will 'fulfill his mandate to defend the political stability in the country'. 'A democratic state based on the rule of law does not accept blackmail'.
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Economy & Jobs 11-04-2013

EU warns Spain, Slovenia over troubled economies

Brussels has warned Spain and Slovenia to take urgent steps to address their deepening economic problems or face a fine at the end of the month. Under the current rules, the EU can punish countries that do not correct excessive imbalances with a fine of 0.1% of their GDP. The warning came after the European Commission unveiled on Wednesday its second review of economic imbalances in 13 EU countries.
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Economy & Jobs 28-08-2012

Rajoy urges Van Rompuy to speed up banking union, denies bailout talks

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Tuesday urged EU Council chief Herman Van Rompuy to quickly implement the decisions made at the last EU Summit. Earlier in June, European leaders reached a deal to create a euro zone banking union to be supervised by the ECB. Under the new rules, the EU bailout fund could directly recapitalise debt-ridden banks.
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Economy & Jobs 11-06-2012

Spain joins ‘the Group of Debt’

It is not a bailout, but a nearly condition-free loan. This is the message sent by the Spanish government after euro zone finance ministers agreed on Saturday to lend Madrid up to 100 billion euros for recapitalising its banks. Following weeks of denying the need for financial assistance, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy gave in to international pressure. He requested a rescue package that he portrayed as a triumph, but which caused outrage among Spanish citizens.
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Economy & Jobs 13-03-2012

With Greek rescue approved, Eurozone focus shifts to Spain

Eurozone finance ministers on Monday approved a second bail-out fund of130 billion euros for Greece. The deal comes after Greece managed to secure the biggest debt writedown in history. In a move that has saved the country 100 billion euros, private investors exchanged their bonds for new ones worth half their value. President of the Europgroup Jean-Claude Juncker said that the PSI agreement will see Greece's debt falling even below the original target. As Greece's problems have lost urgency, the Euro group turned its attention to Spain.