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Technology 06-04-2015

No Digital Europe without a strong Telecom Single Market

Without more forward looking political leadership and an ambitious Telecoms Single Market, the European digital single market will remain only a virtual reality.
Marietje Schaake [Bram Belloni]
Global Europe 01-07-2014

EU policy towards Egypt must focus on human rights

Dutch Liberal MEP, Marietje Schaake has called on the European Union institutions and member states not to forget the political turmoil in Egypt and coordinate better to guide the work on the ground.
Marietje Schaake [Bram Belloni]
Technology 03-06-2014

Europe needs an ambitious digital agenda

The European Parliament must take its responsibility to make Europe the smartest and most connected continent, starting with the creation of one committee for Digital Affairs and Technology, writes Marietje Schaake.
Elections 17-09-2013

New technologies are key to foster EU transparency and participation

The EU should make better use of new technologies to improve its democratic decision making, transparency and participation. This is key in an election year, at a time when the sense of trust among citizens in its institutions is at an all-time low, writes Marietje Schaake.
Trade & Society 06-05-2013

Time to talk business in EU-US trade talks

Far from dead, as the Doha rounds stalemate suggests, global trade is getting a make-over and the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) seems the right place to start, writes MEP Marietje Schaake.