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Mussels are a Belgian and Dutch delicacy

Dutch rally support for microplastic ban to safeguard their mussels

The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Sweden have issued a joint call to ban the microplastics used in detergents and cosmetics, saying the measure will protect marine life – and seafood – from contamination.

Dutch want their mussels free from micro-plastic litter, call on EU to act

Toxic substances contained in micro-plastic waste can enter the food chain through ingestion by marine fauna like sea cucumbers, plankton and mussels, claim the Dutch, who will call on EU environment ministers to address the issue at a meeting today (18 June) in Luxembourg.

EU countries urged to halve marine waste by 2020

Environmentalists are calling on European countries to achieve a minimum 50% reduction in marine waste as part of commitments they must make under EU law.