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Climate change 17-09-2021

How Italy can charm China into global climate action

Mario Draghi can use his role at the helm of the G20 to persuade China to sign up to global climate targets, argue Luca Bergamaschi and Bernice Lee.
Economic governance 21-01-2019

ECB reshuffle: The EU can do better than gentlemen’s agreements behind closed doors

Appointments to the European Central Bank's Executive Board are no less than a strategic and political decision over the future of the Eurozone. But experience has shown this process is not transparent, open, and democratic enough to protect the ECB from its legitimacy gap, argue Stanislas Jourdan and Sebastian Diessner.
Economic governance 02-02-2018

EU lobbying rules must apply at the ECB

The European Central Bank should meet the same demands as the Commission when it comes to lobbyists in its advisory structure, insists the Corporate Europe Observatory.
Climate change 08-06-2017

Fighting climate change needs green investment to go mainstream

Ad hoc measures won’t be enough to fight climate change. The EU needs to step up and the ECB should start pumping some of its €60 billion monthly investments into green projects, insists MEP Neena Gill.
Mario Draghi is the President of the European Central Bank.
Euro & Finance 06-01-2015

Stability and prosperity in Monetary Union

There is a common misconception that the euro area is a monetary union without a political union. This reflects a deep misunderstanding of what monetary union means, writes Mario Draghi. 
Euro & Finance 13-11-2014

Message to Germany: Do not waste Spain’s reform efforts

Austerity measures dictated by Berlin and the IMF, have saved several European economies, but have otherwise produced mixed results. Miguel Otero-Iglesias says that in order to remedy this situation, Germany must take an extra step, and reward countries like Spain, in exchange for accepting its disciplinary dictates.
Economy & Jobs 26-09-2014

‘Whatever it takes’: Lessons from Draghi for Ukraine

EU policymakers, trying to handle the Ukraine crisis, can draw valuable lessons from the tactics employed by European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi, writes Jorge Mariscal and Nick Rice.
A young man with a Ukraine flag defies the police in Moscow, 21 September [Reuters]
Europe's East 25-09-2014

“Whatever it takes” in Ukraine

European policymakers have the tools and the intelligence to retain influence in Ukraine, but they would need to look to Mr Mario Draghi to find the right model for deploying them, write Jorge Mariscal and Nick Rice.
Euro & Finance 29-08-2012

The future of the euro: Stability through change

To come out of its debt crisis, the eurozone is not confronted with a binary choice between disintegration and a United States of Europe, writes Mario Draghi. "Those who claim only a full federation can be sustainable set the bar too high. What we need is a gradual and structured effort to complete EMU," writes the ECB President.
Euro & Finance 20-12-2011

Out of bounds? On the legality of the ECB’s actions in the euro crisis

The European Central Bank's policy of buying bonds of indebted eurozone countries is in breach of at least three articles in the EU treaties, argues Markus C. Kerber, professor of Public Finance and Political Economy at the Technology University of Berlin. He led a legal challenge against eurozone bailouts before the German constitutional court.