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Future EU 11-06-2019

Monti: Nationalist parties temper the EU in view of future attacks

Pro-EU parties should not feel complacent about the nationalists' failure to win a majority in the new European Parliament, the former Italian prime minister and ex-EU Commissioner Mario Monti told EURACTIV in an interview.
Euro & Finance 25-01-2017

Monti group advisor: EU money could be better targeted at external borders

Instead of punishing member states that refuse to accept refugees, there could be improved compensation for those that accept refugees and manage their resettlement, Dr. Giacomo Benedetto told EURACTIV Slovakia in a wide-ranging interview.
Euro & Finance 12-01-2017

Kalfin: Brexit is an opportunity for the future EU budget

The EU budget should become more transparent or other countries will follow the UK’s example. But Brexit also provides an opportunity to get rid of all rebates, which nobody can actually explain, Ivailo Kalfin, member of the Monti group on...
EU Priorities 2020 11-02-2015

Monti: Time to limit chaos in EU budget negotiations

EU leaders should avoid horse trading over the budget. Such chaotic negotiating damages the image of the European Union, said Mario Monti, in an interview with EURACTIV Italy.
Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. 2013 [The Council of the European Union]
EU Elections 2014 30-05-2014

Mario Monti: Euroscepticism contains ‘a bone of truth’

Italy is emerging from the EU elections as a key player in the European Union, says former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Although Eurosceptic populists' proposed solutions are systematically wrong, a 'bone of truth' lies within the populists' criticisms of of Europe .
EU Priorities 2020 05-02-2013

Italian ambassador: EU budget has to do ‘better with less’

As EU leaders prepare for long negotiations on the EU budget this week, Italian Ambassador Nelli Feroci says Italy is working towards a "balanced and equitable" deal, where funds earmarked for agriculture and regional cohesion - traditionally the big components of the budget - are geared to maximise growth and jobs, and achieve a sustainable European economic recovery.
Future EU 04-09-2012

Reding: Barroso III would make Europe stronger

Europe needs continuity and stability at the helm of government to make it stronger and more resilient, European Commission Vice President Viviane Reding said in an interview with EURACTIV Italy, while also pushing for a third Barroso term at the Commission.
Future EU 09-01-2012

Terzi: ‘A Europe without Italy cannot exist’

Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata, Italy's foreign minister, has re-affirmed his government's pro-EU orientation, saying in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Italy that "the single currency is irreversible". The former ambassador to Washington also pledged to work closely with the US on policy towards the Middle East and Islamist terrorism.
Euro & Finance 20-06-2011

Monti: France, Germany must take responsibility for eurozone crisis

EU leaders should examine their consciences and take responsibility when it comes to dealing with Greece and enforcing budget rules, said Mario Monti in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Italy.