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Economy & Jobs 26-02-2014

European Parliament launches ‘own resources’ group

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras kicked off the European Parliament's 'own resources' group on Tuesday in Strasbourg. Chaired by former prime minister of Italy, Mario Monti, the High level he group has been tasked with studying the current system of income to the EU budget and suggesting possible improvements to it, as agreed by the institutions during negotiations on the EU's seven-year budget.
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Future EU 14-03-2013

Italy’s Mario Monti arrives at the March 2013 EU Summit Council

An EU summit opening in Brussels today (14 March) is expected to see leaders offer conflicting views on the economy, with France’s Socialist President François Hollande leading calls for Europe to loosen the austerity policies adopted in response to the eurozone debt crisis. Hollande will find an unexpected ally in UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who also backs a more “flexible” approach to debt policing.
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Elections 26-02-2013

EU urges Italy to form ‘stable’ government after elections

After national elections have left Italy severely divided, Brussels on Tuesday expressed its concern over the potential political deadlock that might lead the country to further instability.
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Economy & Jobs 13-12-2012

Barroso meets Monti ahead of EU Summit

European Commission president José Manuel Barroso on Thursday met Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti only a few hours before the start of the EU Summit. Barroso called for 'openness and high ambition', adding he was 'delighted' that EU finance ministers reached unanimous agreement on the Single Supervisory Mechanism. The president also welcomed Italy's ambitious reforms and consolidation agenda.