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  • Italian crisis ‘not over yet’, Barroso warns

    News | Elections 28-02-2013

    Italy should press ahead with reforms to improve its economic growth potential, warned EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso yesterday (27 February) after a meeting in Brussels with outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti.

  • EU urges Italy to form ‘stable’ government after elections

     Video | Promoted content | Elections 26-02-2013

    After national elections have left Italy severely divided, Brussels on Tuesday expressed its concern over the potential political deadlock that might lead the country to further instability.

  • MEPs: Monti’s policies have fuelled euroscepticism in Italian election

    News | Elections 20-02-2013

    Left-wing Italian lawmakers in the European Parliament are divided over the legacy of outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti ahead of a key election on 24-25 February that is marked by rising euroscepticism.

  • Italian elections 2013: A nation at a crossroads [Archived]

    Policy Brief | Elections 19-02-2013

    Italians head to the polls on 24-25 February to replace a technocratic government charged with halting the country’s economic and fiscal decline. But after wearying months of austerity and instability, voters appeared to have no clear favourite among familiar faces as well as wildcard candidates. EURACTIV Italia reports.

  • Italian ambassador: EU budget has to do ‘better with less’

    Interview | EU Priorities 2020 05-02-2013

    As EU leaders prepare for long negotiations on the EU budget this week, Italian Ambassador Nelli Feroci says Italy is working towards a "balanced and equitable" deal, where funds earmarked for agriculture and regional cohesion - traditionally the big components of the budget - are geared to maximise growth and jobs, and achieve a sustainable European economic recovery.

  • Monti urges EU leaders to strike ‘coherent’ budget deal

    News | EU Priorities 2020 31-01-2013

    Speaking in Brussels a week before EU leaders are set to find an agreement on the 2014-2020 EU budget, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti warned against a political fight which would undermine the need for more growth and jobs, at a time when fiscal consolidation and austerity measures have taken a severe toll on economic recovery.

  • Berlusconi surges in polls ahead of February election

    News | Elections 07-01-2013

    Italy's centre-left coalition, led by Pier Luigi Bersani, has a comfortable lead in polls less than two months before the election, but Silvio Berlusconi's party is fast raising its share of the vote, according to the latest poll published on Sunday (6 January).

  • Italy’s Monti aims for a pro-Europe alliance with Bersani

    News | Elections 02-01-2013

    Outgoing Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said on Monday (31 December) he was aiming to win a majority in a parliamentary election in February and would seek alliances with parties agreeing with his pro-Europe agenda.

  • Monti emerges as EU summit darling

    News | EU Priorities 2020 14-12-2012

    Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti won praise and political backing from other EU heads of states, including Germany's Angela Merkel, at a two-day summit meeting which opened in Brussels yesterday (13 December). Some of Monti's economic ideas also gained traction, with large infrastructure investments set to be taken out of public deficit calculations.

  • Centre-right leaders back Monti to stand in national elections

    News | Elections 13-12-2012

    The Italian political saga took another turn after both outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti and former premier Silvio Berlusconi appeared at the European People’s Party meeting on the margins of the EU summit today (13 December) in Brussels.

  • Barroso meets Monti ahead of EU Summit

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 13-12-2012

    European Commission president José Manuel Barroso on Thursday met Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti only a few hours before the start of the EU Summit. Barroso called for 'openness and high ambition', adding he was 'delighted' that EU finance ministers reached unanimous agreement on the Single Supervisory Mechanism. The president also welcomed Italy's ambitious reforms and consolidation agenda.

  • EU leaders back Monti’s reforms as Italy crisis hits markets

    News | Euro & Finance 11-12-2012

    European partners urged the next Italian government on Monday (10 December) to stick to Prime Minister Mario Monti's reform agenda, after his decision to resign early and Silvio Berlusconi's return to frontline politics rattled financial markets.

  • Italy heads for snap poll as markets watch

    News | Elections 10-12-2012

    Italy is heading for early elections amid growing international concern over the political crisis, prompted by the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's withdrawal of support for Mario Monti’s technocratic  government last week. Monti announced on Saturday (8 December) that he intends to resign once the next budget is approved. 

  • Italy’s new crisis must not derail reforms: OECD

    News | Elections 07-12-2012

    Italy should reassure markets that its economic reforms will not be reversed after Silvio Berlusconi's PDL party withdrew support for the government, OECD chief economist Pier Carlo Padoan said on Friday (7 December).

  • Italy, Spain back under market scrutiny

    News | Euro & Finance 30-10-2012

    Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy kept financial markets guessing yesterday (29 October) over whether he will seek a credit line from the eurozone's rescue fund but said he would do so "when I think it is in the interests of Spain". Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti is handling yet another crisis over his government's support from political factions.

  • The Single Market should never be taken for granted

    Special Report | Opinion 17-10-2012

    This week offers us an opportunity to look back at the significant achievements that have been made in opening up Europe's markets. There is no doubt that it has provided new opportunities to businesses and consumers, who can take advantage of a market place that boasts over 500 million consumers, writes Malcolm Harbour.

  • Italian leader calls for unity in times of crisis

    News | Euro & Finance 10-09-2012

    Europe's debt crisis is undermining the common values that once united the continent and the single currency risks opening up new rifts across the European Union, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said yesterday (9 September).

  • Reding: Barroso III would make Europe stronger

    Interview | Future EU 04-09-2012

    Europe needs continuity and stability at the helm of government to make it stronger and more resilient, European Commission Vice President Viviane Reding said in an interview with EURACTIV Italy, while also pushing for a third Barroso term at the Commission.

  • Italy’s public debt hits record

    News | Euro & Finance 14-08-2012

    Italy's public debt hit an all-time high in June of almost €2 trillion and the annual budget deficit was also bigger than a year before, due largely to Italy's share of bailouts for other eurozone states, the central bank announced.

  • Monti requests moral support, but not cash

    News | Euro & Finance 06-08-2012

    Italy needs moral support from Germany but not its cash, Prime Minister Mario Monti said in an interview published on Sunday (5 August), as German conservatives renewed calls for Greece to leave the euro zone.

  • Monti claims rescue fund to be given banking licence

    News | Euro & Finance 02-08-2012

    The European Stability Mechanism rescue fund will eventually be granted a banking licence, giving it enough fire power to head off the bloc's debt crisis, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said yesterday (1 August), on the eve of a crunch meeting of the European Central Bank's council today.

  • Schäuble, Geithner urge reforms as EU business confidence dips

    News | Euro & Finance 31-07-2012

    German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and U.S. counterpart Timothy Geithner said yesterday (30 July) they were confident the countries of the euro zone would implement reforms needed to overcome their sovereign debt crisis. Meanwhile, business confidence in the EU showed a serious decline in July.

  • Italian parties rally behind Monti as crisis looms

    News | Euro & Finance 23-07-2012

    Italy's divided political parties restated their support for Prime Minister Mario Monti at the weekend, seeking to calm fears of instability that helped drive Rome's borrowing costs to dangerous levels last week.

  • Merkel on eurobonds: ‘Not in my lifetime’

    News | Euro & Finance 27-06-2012

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to bury once and for all the idea of common eurozone bonds yesterday (26 June), as Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti repeated calls to use the EU's bailout funds to ease pressure on Italian debt.