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Transport 07-06-2016

Commission adopts new rules in wake of Costa Concordia disaster

The European Commission has adopted a series of legal proposals aimed at simplifying and modifying the security framework for passenger boats in EU waters. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Transport 19-08-2013

EU requests data over Venice Cruise ships

The European Commission is awaiting information from the Italian authorities on recent incidents involving giant cruise ships in the Venice Lagoon sailing dangerously close to the shore, a practice that led in January 2012 to the maritime disaster of the Costa Concordia. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Transport 02-03-2009

Ministers approve maritime safety laws

Justice and home affairs ministers last week rubberstamped six legislative proposals of the EU's third maritime safety package, which aims to reduce maritime accidents and pollution in Europe.
Transport 23-01-2009

Commission promotes clean, efficient shipping

The European Commission this week announced a series of measures aimed at greening the maritime transport sector to boost its global competitiveness.

Maritime Safety

Following oil slicks that devastated European coasts in the past decade, the Commission is taking further action to improve maritime safety by preventing accidents and pollution and better controlling their effects. Its proposals also seek to enhance passenger and crew safety against the risks of accidents and terrorist attacks.
Transport 25-09-2008

Parliament deplores national resistance to sea-safety rules

A package of legislative measures aimed at protecting Europe from maritime accidents and pollution looks likely to face a special 'last chance' conciliation procedure as the European Parliament yesterday (24 September) refused to give in to national governments' attempts to water down the new rules.
Transport 05-09-2008

MEPs slam member states’ inaction on sea safety

The European Parliament is heading for a clash with member states after it pushed through new rules on flag-state compliance and the civil liability of shipowners, despite opposition from governments.
Transport 08-04-2008

EU states agree to cabotage, backtrack on sea safety

EU transport ministers have rejected Commission proposals to tighten the bloc's protection against maritime pollution. But they came closer to a deal on the controversial opening up of haulage and coach services to increased competition. 
Transport 07-04-2008

Cracks appear in EU maritime safety strategy

While international efforts to clean up shipping made significant progress last week with a compromise on cutting air pollution from ships, a meeting of European transport ministers today (7 April) could see EU ambitions to tackle maritime pollution scaled down.
Climate change 12-03-2008

EU to update law criminalising pollution at sea

The Commission has tabled a revised version of an EU directive imposing criminal sanctions in cases of maritime pollution. The original proposal had to be modified following a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling last year.
Climate change 17-01-2008

Erika oil-slick trial sets ‘ecological prejudice’ precedent

In a landmark decision that could set a legal precedent, the French energy giant Total and three other parties have been charged for their role in the sinking of the Erika ship, which caused a major oil spill in 1999.
Transport 08-06-2007

Member states and MEPs head for troubled waters over maritime safety

A vote in the Transport Council on planned rules for beefing-up shipping standards and preventing accidents at sea saw member states confirm their opposition to Parliament's stance on issues such as ship inspections and assistance for vessels in distress. 
Transport 05-06-2007

Maximum fines requested in Erika oil-slick trial

Prosecutors have requested maximum fines for French oil company Total and imprisonment for the manager and the owner of the Erika tanker, for their role in the sinking of the Erika ship, which caused a major oil spill, devastating the French coast in 1999.
Transport 26-04-2007

MEPs stand firm on stricter ship-safety rules

Parliament has approved measures to increase safety at sea in hope of averting similar disasters to those caused by the sinking of the Erika and Prestige oil tankers. Member states now want more flexibility for ship inspections and dealing with vessels in distress.
Transport 25-04-2007

MEPs set to back tough ship-safety rules

A vote in Parliament on rules aimed at beefing up maritime safety in European waters is expected to see MEPs take a firm stance against member states on issues such as ship inspections and assistance for vessels in distress.
Climate change 19-12-2006

Ministers make first move to keep EU seas and oceans clean

The Council agreed on a draft directive that aims to ensure European seas and oceans are kept pollution-free and productive. But environmentalists attack what they perceive as the directive's "weak objectives" and lack of serious commitment.
Transport 12-12-2006

EU steps up safety inspections for vessels in ports

Transport ministers reached agreement on a directive aiming to ensure that safety inspections are carried out on all ships calling at EU ports in a bid to prevent pollution at sea.
Transport 06-09-2006

Parliament approves extra funds for cleaning-up oil slicks

MEPs have adopted a first-reading report in which they back granting €154 million to its Agency responsible for maritime safety (EMSA) in order to better respond to pollution caused by ships.  

New integrated maritime policy to bring jobs and protect environment

Protecting Europe's maritime ecosystems while at the same time creating new economic growth and jobs are the ambitious goals of the Commission's Maritime Green Paper presented on 7 June.
Transport 03-04-2006

Commission wants new all-embracing maritime policy

The Commission will kick-start a public debate in May with a 'Green paper' proposing a comprehensive approach to issues as diverse as fisheries, shipbuilding, tourism, energy, environmental protection and maritime safety.
Transport 24-11-2005

Commission tables new maritime safety measures

The new rules are aimed at checking the safety of every single vessel sailing in EU waters, said EU Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot. Companies sailing junk ships are to be blacklisted.

EU to chart comprehensive sea and coastland policy

The Commission is launching consultations for an all-encompassing approach to maritime and coastland policy aimed at developing sustainable economic activity. Sectors concerned include fisheries, tourism, energy and transport.

European maritime industry charts course to stay as world leader

A technology platform of industry, national authorities, regulatory bodies, research centres and universities on the maritime industry sector has been launched to maintain Europe's leading position in the industry. 
Security 21-01-2005

Parliament backs port security directive

On 19 January 2004 Parliament's transport committee voted in favour of a proposed directive enhancing port security and adopted amendments proposed by the rapporteur Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert.