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  • UN shipping body agrees to CO2-cutting proposals

    News | Transport 20-07-2009

    The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the United Nations shipping agency, on Friday (17 July) agreed to voluntary proposals aimed at cutting carbon emissions, but environmental groups said it fell short of what was needed.

  • EU votes to criminalise pollution at sea

    News | Climate change 06-05-2009

    The European Parliament yesterday (5 May) adopted a new directive that forces EU countries to introduce criminal penalties for maritime pollution, whether caused deliberately or by negligence.

  • Commission promotes clean, efficient shipping

    News | Transport 23-01-2009

    The European Commission this week announced a series of measures aimed at greening the maritime transport sector to boost its global competitiveness.

  • Parliament deplores national resistance to sea-safety rules

    News | Transport 25-09-2008

    A package of legislative measures aimed at protecting Europe from maritime accidents and pollution looks likely to face a special 'last chance' conciliation procedure as the European Parliament yesterday (24 September) refused to give in to national governments' attempts to water down the new rules.

  • MEPs slam member states’ inaction on sea safety

    News | Transport 05-09-2008

    The European Parliament is heading for a clash with member states after it pushed through new rules on flag-state compliance and the civil liability of shipowners, despite opposition from governments.

  • Cracks appear in EU maritime safety strategy

    News | Transport 07-04-2008

    While international efforts to clean up shipping made significant progress last week with a compromise on cutting air pollution from ships, a meeting of European transport ministers today (7 April) could see EU ambitions to tackle maritime pollution scaled down.

  • EU seeks to shift freight to rail and shipping

    News | Transport 19-10-2007

    The Commission has presented plans aimed at making freight transport in the EU more efficient and sustainable, through improved logistics and by promoting a more frequent use of cleaner modes of transport such as rail and water transport.

  • EU unveils plans to develop maritime sector

    News | Transport 11-10-2007

    Shifting freight traffic to short-sea shipping, promoting innovation and raising the quality of jobs in the maritime sector are at the heart of the EU's new integrated maritime policy. The Communication also aims to cut rising CO2 emissions from maritime activities and tackle environmental damage to oceans.

  • Member states and MEPs head for troubled waters over maritime safety

    News | Transport 08-06-2007

    A vote in the Transport Council on planned rules for beefing-up shipping standards and preventing accidents at sea saw member states confirm their opposition to Parliament's stance on issues such as ship inspections and assistance for vessels in distress. 

  • Parliament tightens EU maritime-safety rules

    News | Transport 30-03-2007

    New EU rules on the harmonisation of shipping standards and on ship operators' liability were cleared by Parliament on 29 March 2007, as part of a series of seven pieces of legislation on maritime safety to be voted on in April.

  • Critical infrastructure

    Policy Brief | Security 13-12-2006

    The atrocities of 11 September 2001 in New York, the Madrid train bombing in 2004 and the London Underground attacks in July 2005 have indicated terrorists' willingness to target infrastructures such as transport, energy and communication. On 12 December 2006, the European Commission adopted a Communication to improve the protection of European Critical Infrastructure (ECI) from terrorism.

  • EU steps up safety inspections for vessels in ports

    News | Transport 12-12-2006

    Transport ministers reached agreement on a directive aiming to ensure that safety inspections are carried out on all ships calling at EU ports in a bid to prevent pollution at sea.