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Biofuels 08-11-2021

EU’s strict green criteria for biofuels will hinder supply, MEPs warn

The EU’s "restrictive" approach to biofuels sustainability criteria will harm producers’ ability to meet increased demand for green fuels coming from the transport sector, says Henna Virkkunen, a Finnish lawmaker in the European Parliament. 
Shipping 28-01-2021

Let’s end the debate: putting international shipping into the ETS is clearly legal

Shipping companies are crying foul over EU plans to regulate the sector’s emissions. But the industry’s claim that new rules would break international law has no legal basis, write Faïg Abbasov and Aoife O'Leary.

UK loses EU anti-piracy missions to France and Spain

The headquarters of the EU’s anti-piracy missions off the coast of Somalia will be moved from the UK to France and Spain next year as the latest consequence of Brexit.

French MEP: Stanishev is a ‘problem’ for European Socialists

Guillaume Balas criticised the Juncker Commission, and questioned the role of the Socialists in a grand coalition that promotes the internal market at the expense of social standards, in an interview with EURACTIV France

Antarctic Sea reserve cut linked to US-Russia tensions

EXCLUSIVE / A proposal by the US and New Zealand to cut a planned Marine Protection Area (MPA) for the Ross Sea by 40% - and remove its permanent status - is being linked to souring US-Russian relations by the Pew Charitable Trust, a leading American think tank.
Energy 24-05-2012

Europe tackles sulphur emissions from ships

EU governments on Wednesday agreed on legislation to limit the maximum sulphur content of shipping fuels that will come into effect in Europe at the end of the decade.
Climate change 23-11-2010

Environmental liability: Applying the ‘polluter pays’ principle

Successive man-made disasters have seen the EU adopt rules to enforce the 'polluter pays principle' on companies responsible for major environmental damage. 
Climate change 30-03-2010

New UN expert group to study ship emissions

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) last week agreed to establish an expert group to prepare a feasibility study on market-based instruments to cut greenhouse gas emissions from ships.
Transport 22-10-2009

EU ministers set emissions targets for ships, planes

EU environment ministers yesterday (21 October) said the new climate agreement to be reached in Copenhagen should correct an important omission in the Kyoto Protocol by tackling continuously rising emissions from planes and ships.
Transport 20-07-2009

UN shipping body agrees to CO2-cutting proposals

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the United Nations shipping agency, on Friday (17 July) agreed to voluntary proposals aimed at cutting carbon emissions, but environmental groups said it fell short of what was needed.
Transport 19-05-2009

Report paves way for shipping’s inclusion in climate deal

Shipping could cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least a fifth while reaping considerable economic gains, finds a new report from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and seen by EURACTIV, prompting arguments that the sector should be part of a new global climate accord.
Climate change 06-05-2009

EU votes to criminalise pollution at sea

The European Parliament yesterday (5 May) adopted a new directive that forces EU countries to introduce criminal penalties for maritime pollution, whether caused deliberately or by negligence.
Transport 02-03-2009

Ministers approve maritime safety laws

Justice and home affairs ministers last week rubberstamped six legislative proposals of the EU's third maritime safety package, which aims to reduce maritime accidents and pollution in Europe.
Climate change 30-09-2008

Ministers back EU fisheries reform plans

EU fisheries ministers yesterday asked the Commission to "kick-start preparations immediately" for widespread reform of the Union's fisheries policy. Meanwhile environmental groups repeated calls for bloc's fleet to be reduced in size.
Climate change 04-09-2008

Commission seeks to boost oceanic research

The EU executive wants to promote more coordinated research on sea and ocean resources in a bid to "reconcile" the competitiveness of Europe's maritime industries and the protection of marine ecosystems.
Climate change 28-08-2008

WWF slams EU countries for poor care of Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea ecosystem could collapse unless states bordering it find common ground on ways to decrease maritime pollution, according to a new report from WWF, which accuses governments of failing to take responsibility for working to improve the situation.
Climate change 28-03-2008

EU revamps fisheries department in sustainability drive

The European Commission will restructure its fisheries and maritime affairs department along geographic lines as part of a "far-reaching" reorganisation which includes its re-branding as 'DG MARE', it announced yesterday (27 March).
Climate change 12-12-2007

Parliament adopts marine protection strategy amid NGO criticism

The European Parliament yesterday adopted a new directive setting out guidelines for the protection of the marine environment during its plenary session in Strasbourg. But the new strategy received a lukewarm response from environmental NGOs.
Transport 11-10-2007

EU unveils plans to develop maritime sector

Shifting freight traffic to short-sea shipping, promoting innovation and raising the quality of jobs in the maritime sector are at the heart of the EU's new integrated maritime policy. The Communication also aims to cut rising CO2 emissions from maritime activities and tackle environmental damage to oceans.
Climate change 24-07-2007

EU struggles to define maritime policy

Ministers have adopted a common position on a proposed Marine Strategy Directive, opposing the Parliament on a number of important points. Meanwhile, the Commission is faced with fragmented governance structures and poor coastal surveillance, which hamper its efforts to formulate a common EU maritime policy. 

Maritime policy to bring jobs and fight climate change

Europe's future maritime policy could create huge employment opportunities while helping ease the consequences of climate change and support energy security, according to Commission President José Manuel Barroso.
Transport 03-04-2006

Commission wants new all-embracing maritime policy

The Commission will kick-start a public debate in May with a 'Green paper' proposing a comprehensive approach to issues as diverse as fisheries, shipbuilding, tourism, energy, environmental protection and maritime safety.
Climate change 14-04-2005

Ship fuels to get greener

Sulphur pollution from ships is to be cut back after Parliament gave its green light to a compromise deal with the Council on the marine fuels directive.

EU to chart comprehensive sea and coastland policy

The Commission is launching consultations for an all-encompassing approach to maritime and coastland policy aimed at developing sustainable economic activity. Sectors concerned include fisheries, tourism, energy and transport.