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Digital 14-11-2017

Lead MEP: member states’ slow pace on ePrivacy is unacceptable

Different political groups need to accept the European Parliament’s agreement on the draft ePrivacy regulation, even though conservative and centre-right MEPs opposed the bill, Birgit Sippel said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
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MEP Marju Lauristin on e-Privacy and Data Protection
Digital 04-09-2017

MEP Marju Lauristin on e-Privacy and Data Protection

MEP Marju Lauristin believes that the GDPR is already well known to people from all kinds of companies: “They [companies] come and say that they are starting to implement it and really, for them, now, it is very inspiring."
Digital 08-08-2017

Member states ask for new EU data retention rules

Several EU member states want to include new rules allowing for data retention in a draft privacy bill.

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