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Alcohol 10-07-2017

Greek court hands Heineken record fine for market abuse

A Greek court has imposed a €26.7m fine on Heineken subsidiary Athenian Brewery for abusing its dominant position in the Greek beer market over more than two decades.
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Achim Wambach

Wambach: EU competition law is slow

“There is a need for regulation and harmonization,” said Center of European Economic Research’s head Achim Wambach during a conference on reforming the regulation of professions organized by the European Commission in Brussels.
Energy 03-07-2015

Emissions trades still at risk of fraud, EU auditors warn

Gaps remain in the regulatory oversight of the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS), despite efforts to bolster its security after high-profile cases of fraud, the European Court of Auditors has warned.
Competition 21-04-2015

EU to charge Gazprom with market abuse

The European Union will launch a legal attack on Russian gas giant Gazprom this week, ramping up tensions with Moscow, when antitrust agents will accuse it of overcharging buyers in eastern Europe, EU sources told Reuters yesterday (20 April).
Energy 13-11-2012

Russian-Bulgarian energy relations near melting point

Future energy relations between Bulgaria and Russia could be decided on 15 November, the deadline for Bulgaria to sign a deal to build the South Stream gas pipeline across its territory. European officials say they are closely watching the developments but don’t see South Stream as a priority. 
Euro & Finance 26-07-2012

[VIDEO] EU: bank-rate manipulation to become criminal offence

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Michel Barnier, EU Internal Market Commissioner, presented on Wednesday (25 July) EU-wide action to fight rate-fixing. His colleague in charge of justice and home affaires, Viviane Reding, slammed what she described as a "bankster" culture.
Brexit 26-07-2012

EU’s Reding slams ‘bankster’ culture, raps Bank of England

The European Commission warned yesterday (25 July) that the EU could take over supervision of benchmark interest rate indexes such as London's Libor, with EU Justice chief Viviane Reding unleashing a broadside at the Bank of England for its failure to stamp out rigging.
Brexit 21-10-2011

Financial regulation plays catch up with crisis

The European Commission has proposed extending the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) to redress market abuse and volatile trades highlighted by the financial crisis. Experts warn that arbitrage is always around the corner.
Brexit 08-12-2010

EU bankers to face tougher sanctions, prison

Bankers could face higher fines and even prison sentences, according to a proposal tabled by the European Commission today (8 December).
Euro & Finance 26-08-2009

Good and bad speculation

"Many see speculation as the reason for the recent capricious movement in oil prices," writes Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, president of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich, in a July paper. But the reality is a little more complicated, he suggests.