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Economy & Jobs 07-02-2019

German 2030 industrial strategy: Altmaier backs ‘European Champions’

German economy minister Peter Altmaier presented his 'industrial strategy 2030' on Tuesday (5 February), talking up the creation of European "champions" just one day before the European Commission decided to reject a proposed merger between rail giants Alstom and Siemens. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Enlargement 22-06-2017

Mastercard poll: Serbians concerned about underground economy

The shadow economy limits the state's ability to provide public services, according to 2/3rds of Serbians surveyed. 8 out of 10 say it inhibits growth. For a country in which undocumented trade accounts for 30% of its GDP, the concern could not be clearer. EURACTIV.rs reports.
Trade & Society 11-01-2016

EU starts on tricky path towards relaxing China trade defence

The European Union will take the first step on Wednesday (13 January) towards refashioning its trade ties with Beijing, torn over how to lower its defences to avert Chinese retaliation while protecting key industries against a damaging flood of cheap imports.

German business outpaces France in innovation

Germany is steaming ahead of traditional leaders France in research and development, says a new study by the French economy and finance ministry. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Euro & Finance 19-08-2009

Poland could emerge from recession in 2010, say experts

Like France and Germany, Poland could buck the EU trend and emerge from recession early next year, according to recent forecasts by Polish economists. However, the IMF warned that such predictions could be premature. EURACTIV Poland contributed to this article.
Public Affairs 03-09-2007

New Brussels think-tank aims to ‘encourage EU to liberalise’

Pro-liberalisation think-tank the Globalisation Institute has launched a Brussels centre of operations. According to Alex Singleton, founder and president, it aims "to research, develop and promote practical policy options that increase competitiveness and replace harmful regulation".