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Politics 13-11-2020

Tweets of the Week: Covid Vaccine, Imam Schools, MEP in a Bus

Covid vaccine hope is a major stock market plus, Michel’s EU school for imams causes a fuss, and an outraged MEP doesn’t want to take the bus. 
Economy & Jobs 26-09-2019

EU divided over implementation of payments directive

The European Commission questioned on Wednesday (25 September) some member states’ decision to grant at least 18 months to banks for the full implementation of the European Payments Services Directive 2, which requires stronger authentication procedures for online payments.
Economy & Jobs 11-01-2018

MiFID II passes first implementation test

Despite past concerns and some delays, legislators, regulators and experts were positive about the first week since the entry into force of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive on 3 January, seen as the biggest reform of the financial sector since the 2007-2008 crisis.
Digital & Media 26-09-2017

Tech industry sounds alarm over draft online payment rules

Twenty-seven e-commerce companies and lobby groups have asked the European Commission to change a draft proposal to regulate payment services, arguing that additional security measures will drive shoppers away from online platforms.
Development Policy 15-07-2015

Financiers attack EU rules against food speculation

The EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II is supposed to prevent excessive food speculation. But Oxfam says the financial sector is fighting stricter rules, with grave repercussions. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Markus Ferber
Euro & Finance 22-01-2015

Markus Ferber: ECB bond-buying plan ‘beyond mandate’

EXCLUSIVE: A planned bond-buying programme expected from the European Central Bank (ECB) today (22 January) would be unconstitutional, a leading MEP has told EURACTIV in the firmest statement of German opposition to the move.
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Economy & Jobs 21-01-2015

Markus Ferber: bond-buying scheme is beyond ECB’s mandate

German EPP MEP Markus Ferber showed strong opposition to the European Central Bank's expected decision to launch a bond-buying scheme on Thursday.

Bavarian conservatives seek to restore EU internal border checks

Bavaria is concerned about the growing number of refugees flooding its borders, leading the state's ruling right-wing party to propose checks along its border with Austria. Critics are calling the move “unrealistic” and “populist”. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Speculation in food prices can be potentially fatal for smallholders. Kenya 2008 [World Bank/Flickr]
Development Policy 22-04-2014

Deutsche Bank clashes with NGOs over food speculation

NGOs and investors are at odds over the effects of food speculation, causing the European Parliament to propose limiting direct stakeholder purchases, and Deutsche Bank to cover its tracks amid "a flood of accusations." EURACTIV Germany reports.
David McAllister is the top candidate for Merkel's Christian democrats in the 2014 European elections. Dublin 2014 [European People's Party/Flickr]
EU Elections 2014 17-04-2014

McAllister: CDU and CSU have ‘different agendas’ in EU elections

Angela Merkel's centre-right CDU party and the Bavarian CSU are closely integrated, but they will run separate campaigns for the European elections, top CDU candidate David McAllister explained, pointing out stark differences between the two sister parties. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 26-04-2007

MEP Markus Ferber ‘optimistic’ of 2009 postal liberalisation

The European institutions are currently hammering out the details of a Directive, which, if approved by EU states and the European Parliament, should lead to the complete liberalisation of postal services in Europe. German MEP Markus Ferber (EPP-ED), who is in charge of steering the proposal through Parliament, tells EURACTIV what he expects from the new rules, before the vote in plenary on 5 June 2007. Click here to read a shortened version of the interview.