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Freedom of thought 05-10-2018

How long can you ignore three million people? Romanians to vote on marriage, finally

Not too long ago, Romania was a country where voting was a mere impossibility. Romanian citizens did not enjoy this privilege. They could not make their voices heard and had no say on important aspects of their society. But things have changed in Romania, writes Adina Portaru.

Facilitating the lives of 16 million international couples

The EU is taking steps to provide legal clarity for international couples, facilitating the lives of Europeans in 18 countries, write Vera Jourová and Jean-Marie Cavada.
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Child marriage
Development Policy 25-07-2014

Child marriage

Although child marriage is prohibited by international law, over 700 million underage girls are married worldwide, particularly in Africa and Asia.
Brexit 18-03-2010

EU’s Reding to push for criminal and civil law reform

Cross-border crimes, such as money laundering or counterfeiting, should be defined in the same way across all EU countries, according to the bloc's new Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, who will outline her long-term ambitions at a conference in Brussels today (18 March).