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Development Policy 27-06-2017

SDG advocate: ‘Development projects cannot be designed in Brussels’

Development is not a one-way street, rather it is a dialogue, according to SDG advocate Dr Alaa Murabit. She told EURACTIV Germany that she supports the EU’s Consensus on Development but warned against making investment conditional.
Global Europe 21-06-2017

Marshall Plan anniversary sends messages to Trump

A strong European economy is good for the United States, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday (21 June), against a background of tense relations with Washington on trade and other issues.
Politics 07-06-2017

Thanks, Trump, for forcing Europe to rethink its own security

It’s time to look on the bright side of Donald Trump’s presidency, with Europeans being forced to reconsider policy assumptions that have gone unchallenged for far too long, writes Giles Merritt.
Development Policy 03-05-2017

Germany’s plan for development effectiveness

The goal of Germany’s Marshall Plan for Africa is sustainable development on the continent within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Plan should take development to the next level, write Alexandra Rudolph and Sarah Holzapfel.

Global Europe 28-04-2016

Obama and the European Union

European integration was an American idea. If the European Union falls apart, it is hard to see how NATO survives, even in its current state, writes George Friedman.

EU studies debt-neutral ‘Marshall Plan’

The European Commission is studying proposals coming from eurozone countries which would allow an injection of liquidity in weak economies without breaching tighter fiscal targets.
Euro & Finance 14-07-2011

General Marshall on the Aegean

Instead of piling extra loans and debts onto the Greek economy, the European Union should provide a "Marshall Plan" to Greece for strategic investments such as the modernisation of property registration and tax collection systems, argues Barry Eichengreen.
Euro & Finance 17-12-2010

Reviving the West

The world now needs to agree on a financial and economic strategy for prosperity far bolder than the Marshall Plan of the 1940s, writes Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the United Kingdom.