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International Roma Day: A symbol of political unity

Some EU countries recognize the Roma as a national minority. However, they still remain racially discriminated against in education, employment, housing, and other societal domains, writes Martin Demirovski.
Gypsy Kids
Future EU 30-06-2014

Call anti-Gypsyism by its name: Roma inclusion in the next European Parliament and Commission

The first step towards countering anti-Gypsyism is to recognise it as such, argues Martin Demirovski from ENAR, the European Network Against Racism, in an op-ed calling on the renewed European institutions to make the fight against this ever growing phenomenon in Europe a priority.
EU Elections 2014 25-03-2014

60 million minority Europeans: how many lines in electoral manifestos?

Ahead of May's EU elections, Martin Demirovski takes a look at European political manifestos propose in terms of minority issues, challenging the usual political wording used to refer to migrants in Europe, calling for a more diverse Parliament after the vote.