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Brexit 27-05-2015

Danish minister warns Cameron: Don’t pursue our EU model

Martin Lidegaard, Denmark's Minister for Foreign Affairs, has warned David Cameron against copying the Danish EU opt-out model when the UK Prime Minister negotiates a reform of Britain's relations with the EU, saying "it has given us nothing but problems".
Climate change 20-01-2015

EU to launch diplomatic offensive ahead of Paris climate talks

Europe is launching a major diplomatic push for an ambitious deal on global warming, mobilising A-list celebrities and tens of thousands of diplomats to exert “maximum pressure” on key countries in international climate negotiations.
Energy 28-01-2014

Danish energy minister: ‘We will pursue fossil-free future no matter what’

As the smoke cleared from the European Commission rooms where the 2030 climate and energy package had been thrashed out, Martin Lidegaard explained that the really tough debate was only just beginning.
Energy 15-06-2012

Lidegaard: ‘We fought like lions for the Energy Efficiency Directive’

Negotiations were tough on the Energy Efficiency Directive, but now only the signature is missing on one of the Danish EU presidency’s key priorities, said Danish Climate and Energy Minister Martin Lidegaard.