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Elections 17-08-2017

UK and Germany criticise Trump for failing to oppose neo-Nazis

Of all the EU capitals, London and Berlin have reacted most strongly to Donald Trump’s reluctance to forcefully condemn white supremacists after a woman was killed during a white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville last Saturday (12 August).
Brexit 16-08-2017

Brexit to shake up Germany’s uneventful electoral campaign

The pro-European stance of Germany‘s SPD clashes with that of CDU. The centre-righ remains pro-European, but by a small margin. EURACTIV France reports.
Central Asia 21-10-2016

The Brief: Brexit is humbling footnote at EU summit

EU leaders had far bigger fish (and chips) to fry than Brexit at the European Council summit in Brussels.
Global Europe 10-10-2016

The Brief: Will Schulz sacrifice third term for shot at Merkel’s job?

Could Martin Schulz be tempted to risk the prospects of a third term as European Parliament president for a shot at being Germany chancellor?
Elections 08-09-2016

Talks begin for left-wing ‘grand coalition’ in EU Parliament

Socialist MEPs are exploring a left-wing alternative to their traditional alliance with the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), which currently rules the European Parliament.
Future EU 04-07-2016

Pleas for pragmatism as EU charts post-Brexit future

Senior European political figures appealed Sunday (3 July) for the EU to set aside lofty debate as it struggles with Brexit-style populism, and instead to focus on measures which clearly benefit citizens.
Brexit 24-06-2016

UK 2017 EU presidency raises concerns

Even though it is already on an exit trajectory, the UK is still due to assume the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 July 2017. But it would be surreal if the UK presides over a Union that it is going to leave.
Brexit 10-06-2016

European Parliament plans extraordinary session in case of Brexit vote

As the European Parliament's last session before the UK referendum drew to a close in Strasbourg, some MEPs openly expressed concerns over Brexit, while others chose to hide their heads in the sand. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 23-09-2013

German elections launch Schulz towards Commission presidency

The German elections have propelled the firebrand social democrat Martin Schulz, the present European Parliament President, into pole position to be the Party of European Socialists candidate to succeed to José Manuel Barroso as Commission President, EURACTIV has learned.
Med & South 04-04-2013

Schulz resuscitates Sarkozy’s ‘Union for the Mediterranean’

European Parliament President Martin Schulz announced today (4 April) that he will revive the ‘Union for the Mediterranean’, a now moribund initiative first launched in 2008 by the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy, during a parliamentary summit on 7 April in Marseille.
Future EU 18-10-2012

Three presidents to collect Nobel Prize

Almost a week after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the European Union has finally decided who will collect the award: the three presidents.
Future EU 22-09-2011

In Parliament, EU socialists prepare for leadership battle

MEPs Catherine Trautmann of France, Hannes Swoboda of Austria and Stephen Hughes of Britain are intensifying their campaigns to lead the Socialists & Democrats, in what will be the first competitive election in the political group's history.