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One year on, can Volkswagen leave Dieselgate behind?

One year ago, Volkswagen's cheating on emissions tests for millions of its diesel cars erupted into public view, leaving the mammoth carmaker battling an unprecedented crisis.
Transport 24-09-2015

UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed car emissions tests, documents reveal

The UK, France and Germany have been accused of hypocrisy for lobbying behind the scenes to keep outmoded car tests for carbon emissions, but later publicly calling for a European investigation into Volkswagen’s rigging of car air pollution tests.
VW 1965 ad
Transport 23-09-2015

VW scandal prompts calls for EU-wide inquiry

While the emission cheating scandal has so far been restricted to Volkswagen, environmental protection groups, particularly in Germany, suspect other carmakers may be using similar technology, prompting calls for a Europe-wide review of car emission tests.
Transport 22-09-2015

German government decries diesel car emissions

Germany has been in the EU's bad books for a while now over its high urban nitrogen dioxide levels. In the midst of the Volkswagen scandal, Berlin puts the blame squarely on new diesel-powered cars emissions. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Climate change 21-09-2015

VW software scandal: Chief apologises for breaking public trust

Volkswagen has ordered an external investigation after US regulators found that the carmaker designed software for close to half a million diesel cars that gave false emissions data, its CEO said, adding he was “deeply sorry” for the violation of US rules.