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Climate change 20-11-2017

Climate justice not on the menu in Bonn

Climate activists and indigenous leaders gathered last week (16 November) to raise awareness about the human rights aspect of climate action. They lamented the lack of substance in climate talks, while people are already dying due to the direct effects of climate change.
Development Policy 13-07-2015

Will the next UN Secretary-General be a woman?

Mary Robinson, Nicholas Kristof and other global experts share their thoughts on the potential repercussions of a female UN secretary general. The Guardian reports.
Development Policy 24-06-2013

Mary Robinson: Seeking justice for people and the planet

Former Irish president Mary Robinson was named the UN special envoy to Africa’s Great Lakes region in March. In another capacity, she is campaigning for climate justice. Robinson tells EURACTIV that peace, stability and sustainable development are not mutually exclusive.

Robinson: Women need to mobilise for transformative change

Full gender equality will not be achieved unless there is a true mobilisation to correct imbalances, said former Irish President Mary Robinson in an interview with EURACTIV.
Development Policy 15-12-2009

Robinson: Lack of climate deal ‘will spark civil unrest’

Civil unrest will grow in the coming years unless heads of state and government show political leadership to stop climate change, said Mary Robinson, a former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former Irish president, in an interview with EURACTIV.