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Ten-day minimum paternity leave to be rolled out across EU

In an effort to promote gender equality, the European institutions have approved establishing a ten-day minimum paternity leave for the whole of the EU, which represents a step forward for most countries. Although this leave already exists in France, it will be made more flexible. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 25-04-2017

Commission to propose ten-day paternity leave

The European Commission will tomorrow propose the first EU-level legal law guaranteeing paternity leave lasting at least ten working days. The legal change, which also includes measures on parental leave on time off for people caring for sick dependents, comes as the Commission presents a 20-point list of EU social rights.
Economy & Jobs 24-04-2017

Commission readies new parental leave rules to replace axed maternity bill

Two years after the European Commission scrapped its own proposal for new EU maternity leave rules, the EU executive is getting ready to replace it with new measures, including some focused on getting more fathers to take leave.
Economy & Jobs 08-03-2017

Tusk says he is ‘ready’ for showdown over his job at EU summit

European Council President Donald Tusk said he is “ready” for the judgement awaiting him when EU heads of state and government decide tomorrow (9 March) whether he will serve another term starting in May despite the Polish government's backing of a replacement candidate.
Health 13-09-2016

Is it time to extend maternity leave across Europe?

The rights of pregnant women and new mothers in the workplace need to be protected in a way that ensures the health of the both mother and child, while not damaging the woman’s career prospects or harming business, write Lucy Strang and Miriam Broeks.

Rights for central administration workers: Light at the end of the tunnel?

The European Commission should swiftly propose to transpose the recent social partner agreement on information and consultation for central administration employees into a Council Directive, writes Klaus Heeger.

Brussels gears up for Maternity Leave II

The European Commission is working on new ideas to increase the participation of women on the labour market after it ditched the hard-fought maternity leave proposal last month.
MEPs pushed to save maternity leave earlier this year

MEPs fuming over Commission’s abandonment of Maternity Leave Directive

MEPs are fuming over the European Commission's move yesterday (1 July) to abandon laws that would expand maternity leave to 18 weeks.

Timmermans: Deadlocked maternity leave extension will be ditched

Deadlocked draft European Union laws to extend maternity leave to 18 weeks will be ditched, but only after the European Commission puts forward replacement rules with more chance of being backed by national governments.

Commission prepares to axe Maternity Leave Directive

Plans to harmonise maternity leave across the EU may be scrapped at the end of May, as member states continue to block the bill. But MEPs are lobbying the Commission to produce a new proposal and get the legislative process moving. EURACTIV France reports

MEPs’ last attempt to save maternity leave extension

MEPs are working around the clock to break the seven-year impasse on extending maternity leave, after European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said he would withdraw the proposed law within six months if the deadlock between Parliament and EU ministers was not broken.

Vera Jourová: We will be strict with the US on Safe Harbour

Brussels is moving forward on the Safe Harbour agreement with the US, and aims to finalise discussions by May, said EU Commissioner V?ra Jourová.

Commission to cut maternity leave from 2015 work programme

The European Commission has presented its severely pared back work programme for 2015. Frans Timmermans has threatened to withdraw the maternity leave directive if an agreement is not reached within six months. EURACTIV France reports
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Draft EU law on maternity leave to be scrapped as ‘red tape’

The European Commission could kill a stalled EU directive on maternity leave under the pretext of "good legislative management”, sending alarm bells ringing among women’s rights groups.

Ministers to shelve maternity leave directive

A consortium of up to eleven member states led by the UK and Germany are set to freeze the Pregnant Workers Directive in its tracks when they meet on Friday (17 June), in the hope that the European Commission will later abandon it, EURACTIV has learned.

Ministers reject Parliament’s wishes on maternity leave

Meeting in Brussels yesterday (6 December), EU social affairs ministers refused to accept the demands of the European Parliament regarding minimum standards of maternity leave. The Council is expected to agree its own position sometime next year.

Parliament backs 20-week maternity leave

Members of the European Parliament have taken a strong stand in favour of giving women workers the right to take 20 weeks of maternity leave on full pay. The European Commission now has to find a compromise that will also be acceptable to the member states.

Governments agree to extend parental leave

EU employment ministers have agreed to extend minimum parental leave to four months per parent. The plan applies to all workers, regardless of what kind of contract they have, and will require changes to national laws in the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Malta.

Maternity leave battle set to continue after EU vote

The European Parliament is pushing hard to bring in longer EU minimum standards for maternity leave. But MEPs are likely to face stiff resistance from some EU member states, particularly the UK.