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Energy 02-09-2011

Guns of August: Political risk blowback

Once Saudi Arabia and Russia eventually run out of oil the 'political no hopers' of today will need to become the major producers of tomorrow, bringing with them a whole new political risk cycle that Europe will come to regret, argues Matthew Hulbert, lead columnist at the European Energy Review.
Energy 24-01-2011

Qatari (LNG) train: Leaving the European station?

Qatar is the world's largest single producer of liquefied gas. It would be advantageous for Europe to secure itself a chunk of its supplies, but so far the EU has only lost ground to more flexible Asian buyers, writes Matthew Hulbert, senior fellow at the Centre for Security Studies at ETH Zurich.
Med & South 03-05-2010

Gaspec: No pain no gain?

The outcome of the latest Gas Exporting Countries Forum (Gaspec) meeting held in Oran, Algeria, "was far from explosive for gas-producing states," writes Matthew Hulbert, senior fellow at the Zürich-based Centre for Security Studies, in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.
Energy 24-03-2010

Europe’s gas: Careful what you wish for

"Europe's energy will be a little cheaper thanks to shale gas, coal-bed methane and LNG developments, but what political ramifications might this deliver?" asks Matthew Hulbert, senior fellow at the Zürich-based Centre for Security Studies, in a March op-ed sent to EURACTIV.