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Digital 05-11-2018

Some countries ‘more comfortable’ with interim deal on digital tax, EU diplomats say

Some EU member states are likely to feel “more comfortable” with a temporary agreement on the EU’s digital tax plans rather than wait for international consensus, EU diplomats said on Monday (5 November), ahead of a meeting of EU finance ministers.

EU-US Safe Harbour and forced data localisation: lessons from Russia

Forced data localisation would undermine European fundamental rights as well as damaging the EU’s competitiveness, argues Matthias Bauer.
Euro & Finance 13-11-2014

Rethink and Reset: Time to get rid of the Stability and Growth Pact?

The Stability and Growth pact never tied governments to the mast of fiscal consolidation. Nor did it encourage governments to lead on structural economic reforms, it is time to rethink and reset the numerical ceilings of the pact, writes Matthias Bauer.