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Non-discrimination 23-10-2020

French McDonalds employees give ‘chilling’ testimonies of discrimination and harassment

Though Mcdonalds' French ad campaign continues to be 'Come as you are', 114 employee testimonials collected recently in France tell a different story. They include racism, sexism, harassment and even sexual violence. EURACTIV France reports.
Competition 19-09-2018

McDonald’s tax deal with Luxembourg ‘not illegal’, Commission says

The European Commission concluded on Wednesday (19 September) that Luxembourg’s tax deal with McDonald’s was not illegal state aid as it did not give the company an unfair advantage, but instead was due to the “mismatch” of US and Luxembourgish tax laws.
Health 30-08-2017

McDonald’s to cut antibiotics, as UN warns of superbug resistance

In light of the EU egg scandal, fast food giant McDonald's plans to phase out antibiotics from its poultry production chain starting in 2018. At the same time, the UN has warned of increased risk of antibiotic resistance from intensive animal farming.
Three Italian consumer organisations filed an antitrust complaint against McDonald's this week with the European Commission
Competition 13-01-2016

McDonalds’ most dedicated opponents find allies in Europe

Three Italian consumer organisations filed a complaint on Monday (11 January) alleging American fast food giant McDonald's is abusing its franchises in Europe through restrictive contracts and property rental arrangements.
Euro & Finance 01-04-2015

EU probes Luxembourg on McDonald’s tax avoidance deal

EU antitrust regulators have asked Luxembourg for information on its tax rulings for McDonald's after labour unions accused the US fast food chain of avoiding taxes, a person involved in the issue said Tuesday (31 March).
People walk past a closed McDonald's restaurant in Moscow, 20 August. REUTERS
Europe's East 21-08-2014

Russia takes aim at US symbol McDonalds

Russia ordered the temporary closure of four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow on Wednesday, a decision it said was over sanitary violations, but which comes against a backdrop of worsening US-Russian ties over Ukraine.