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Coronavirus 17-03-2022

New challenges ahead as provisional compromise on IP waivers is reached in WTO

News of a provisional compromise to waive intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines between the EU, USA, India and South Africa in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), leaves out treatments for COVID-19.
Future EU 13-06-2018

Italian PM Conte slams French ‘hypocrisy’ in migrant convoy clash

Italy forged ahead with plans to send hundreds of migrants to Spain in a small naval convoy on Tuesday (12 June) after shutting its own ports to them, sparking a war of words with France that exposed EU tensions over immigration.
Development Policy 10-05-2016

Merkel to attend first-ever world humanitarian summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be among some 50 leaders attending the first-ever world humanitarian summit in Istanbul to rethink the global aid strategy, UN diplomats said yesterday (9 May).
Global Europe 24-03-2016

MSF, Oxfam pull out of Lesbos hotspot in yet another blow to EU

International aid organisation Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said yesterday (23 March) it had suspended activities at a refugee centre on the Greek island of Lesbos to avoid being complicit in an "unfair and inhumane" EU deal to send newcomers back to Turkey.
Dead immigrants on Italian shore, file photo [Reuters]

More than 50 migrants found dead on boats near Libya coast

Rescuers saved about 3,000 migrants, but found more than 50 dead on boats near the coast of Libya yesterday (26 August), the Italian coast guard said.

Macedonian police use violence against migrants

Firing tear gas and stun grenades, Macedonian police drove back crowds of migrants and refugees trying to enter from Greece today (21 August), sealing the frontier to thousands of Syrians, Afghans and others trying to reach Western Europe.

Ships rescue 3,700 migrants in just two days

Ships patrolling the Mediterranean have plucked more than 3,700 migrants from overcrowded and unsafe boats in the last two days, Italy's coastguard said on Tuesday (23 June).
Development Policy 28-10-2014

Stylianides: Ebola threat extends far beyond West Africa

Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Christos Stylianides, whom EU leaders appointed on 24 October as EU Ebola Coordinator, said Monday (27 October) that the epidemic threatens to extend far beyond Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and confirmed his intention to visit the region during the second week of November.
[European Commission DG ECHO/Flickr]
Development Policy 17-10-2014

Médecins Sans Frontières chief: ‘The fight against Ebola is like a war’

The Ebola epidemic currently sweeping through West Africa continues its advance. In an interview with EURACTIV France, Brice De Le Vingne says that only a vaccine can halt the progress of the epidemic.
Development Policy 24-09-2014

Economic impact of Ebola shrouded in mystery

There is not yet any macroeconomic analysis of Ebola's impact on West Africa, with IMF figures only indicating a modest decrease in growth for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. But NGOs on the ground describe the situation as “catastrophic”.