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Digital & Media 24-07-2015

Japanese media group Nikkei buys the Financial Times

British publisher Pearson announced on Thrusday (23 July) it had agreed to sell its salmon-pink business newspaper the Financial Times to Japanese media group Nikkei for £844 million (€1.2 billion).
#Media4EU event, 29 January 2015
Digital & Media 02-02-2015

As it happened: Six to-dos for sustainable European media

How can independent media survive across Europe? EURACTIV releases six recommendations in January 2015 for a more effective EU strategy towards media and the fourth estate.
Central Europe 03-05-2013

Press freedom index marked by downgrades for Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria

As the United Nations marks World Press Freedom Day, a watchdog organisation has published its annual report today (3 May) showing that three EU countries - Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria - saw a dramatic decline in press freedom.
Languages & Culture 08-02-2010

EU lawmakers to tackle media concentration, funding

The EU should pay more attention to the content placed in the media and take into account concentration issues and financial support for filmmakers, argues French MEP Jean-Marie Cavada. The chair of the European Parliament's newly-established media intergroup spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Public Affairs 14-05-2008

Survey: PR people ‘wasting journalists’ time’

Professional "communicators" of all kinds are wasting their time trying to pitch stories to the European press, concluded APCO consultants in a survey carried out in co-operation with Journalists at Your Service (J YS), a help centre for Brussels-based reporters.
Public Affairs 04-03-2008

Journalists sound alarm over press freedom in Europe

Journalists throughout Europe, both east and west, are faced with a growing pattern of censorship and pressure including physical violence and intimidation, according to a survey by the Association of European Journalists (AEJ). What's more, the EU is failing to stand up for them, the AEJ adds.
Languages & Culture 12-10-2005

European TV getting dumber and dumber, study says

A hard-hitting report by the Open Society Institute criticises dumbing down and trivialisation of TV content throughout Europe, as a result of ineffective regulation and insufficient funding of high-quality public service TV. 
Digital & Media 29-09-2005

Commission to smooth the way for publishers

DG Information Society has begun a consultation to define its policies to boost the competitiveness of the European print industry. 
Digital & Media 07-09-2005

EP backs careful revision of ‘TV without frontiers’

Parliament has proposed only minor changes to the Television without Frontiers (TVWF) directive, in a report on promoting works made in Europe and by independent producers.
Digital & Media 11-04-2005

Call for EU rules on media concentration and pluralism

MEPs and media stakeholders are petitioning for new EU rules on media concentration. Lack of specific competence on the issue has so far prevented the EU from taking action.
Public Affairs 19-11-2004

New Commission pledges “improved co-operation” with media industry

An innovation following Viviane Reding's appointment as 'co-ordinator for relations with the media' will be the creation of a 'one-stop-shop' for the press as an industry. The rise of the internet could provide a case for EU action due to cross-border implications.
Digital & Media 16-07-2004

Journalists blow whistle over media concentration in France

The European Federation of Journalists has warned the Commission about the possible consequences if the leading French TV group TF1 were to acquire a stake in the written press.
Digital & Media 23-04-2004

Italy under fire in Parliament report on media pluralism

An EP report calling for EU-wide legislation to safeguard media pluralism has been approved by a crushing majority despite apparent attempts by centre-right MEPs to block the vote.

MEPs want to safeguard media freedom and cultural pluralism in the EU

During a conference on 13 November, MEPs from different parties stated that they want to ensure media freedom and cultural pluralism in the EU.

IFJ and Commission pay tribute to excellence in journalism

On 15 November, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Commission will announce the five winners of the 2002 Lorenzo Natali Prize for Journalism, which is presented to the best reporters on human rights, democracy and development.