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Technology 09-05-2022

The European Media Freedom Act must be strengthened

The European Commission must take an ambitious approach to the upcoming European Media Freedom Act and consult civil society leaders and industry experts, five journalism organisations write in an open letter.
Technology 03-05-2022

EU proposal to tackle abusive lawsuits against journalists could be a game changer

Journalists and watchdogs deserve better protection against the ‘lawfare’ of powerful politicians or businesses as the new EU anti-SLAPP initiative could turn the worrying trend of weaponising laws and courts to silence critical voices in Europe.
Technology 27-04-2022

European Commission presents directive to tackle abusive lawsuits against journalists, NGOs

The European Commission published its long-awaited anti-SLAPPs directive on Wednesday (27 April), legislation aimed at combating the rising use of abusive lawsuits designed to silence journalists and activists.
Media 27-04-2022

Press freedom alerts increase 41% in 2021, says Council of Europe

The number of press freedom alerts amongst Council of Europe (CoE) member states soared by 41% during 2021 and should be a wake-up call for Europe, according to their newly released annual report.
Global Europe 25-04-2022

Putin accuses West of plotting to kill Russian journalists

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (25 April) said his main spy agency had foiled what he cast as a Western plot to kill a prominent Russian journalist.
Enlargement 08-04-2022

Serbian elections: Vucic’s victory marks the start of his party’s decline

The outcome of the Serbian elections on 3 April was in line with most expectations. The country’s strongman, Aleksandar Vučić, won more than convincingly in the first presidential round, with 58.65% of the votes. But the interesting part is in the details.
Enlargement 04-04-2022

Vucic claims victory in elections ‘without suspense’

Serbia’s strongman Aleksandar Vučić claimed a landslide victory in general elections Sunday (3 April) paving the way for another term as president and extending his decade-long rule in the Balkan nation. Official results were set to be announced late Monday...
Disinformation 31-03-2022

Social media companies must increase regulation of their platforms to enable democracy in Serbia

Elections in Serbia and an explosion of pro-Russian disinformation show why manipulation of social media in the Balkans by state actors is now a critical issue for Europe, writes Antoinette Nikolova.
Media 29-03-2022

Russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta suspends publication

Russia’s top independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, whose chief editor last year won the Nobel Peace Prize, on Monday (28 March) suspended publication until the end of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine. “For us and, I know, for you, this is...
Technology 28-03-2022

The new iron curtain part 2: The free internet stymies Putin

As Russia sends tanks and soldiers to take over Ukraine, it is also dispatching censors and regulators to strangle the Internet. Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan argue that both invasions are linked and represent the culmination of a more than a decade-long trend to throttle the free and open flow of information in Russia.
Enlargement 21-03-2022

Serbia’s EU ambition – the best guarded secret in the election campaign

In the predominantly Russia-leaning public space in Serbia, an EU candidate country since 2012, aligning with the bloc is obviously not a popular political message ahead of the parliamentary, presidential, and Belgrade elections due on 3 April.
Media 16-03-2022

Media Freedom: A rebalanced ecosystem and sector consolidation

Given the war in the East, and recent riots in the United States, the quality of the information ecosystem has become central. Media leaders could seize industrial, policy and budget opportunities, beyond the basic democracy principles, with a view to media resilience, write Pedro Ortún Silvan and Christophe Leclercq.
Technology 14-03-2022

Journalists, NGOs warn on reporting from Ukraine as death toll rises

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, reporters already on the ground and international media organisations sound the alarm over journalists actively seeking routes into a war that they may not be prepared to cover. 
Global Europe 10-03-2022

Letting state TV dominate, Russia chokes free media

Russia has moved to throttle independent media after its invasion of Ukraine, allowing state television to dominate the airwaves with broadcasting that relentlessly promotes Russian successes and carefully toes the Kremlin line.
Europe's East 05-03-2022

Russian law on ‘fake news’ prompts media to halt reporting as websites blocked

Russia blocked Facebook and some other websites and passed a law that gave Moscow much stronger powers to crack down on independent journalism, prompting the BBC, Bloomberg and other foreign media to suspend reporting in the country.
Technology 04-03-2022

Digital Brief: RT ban, internet struggles, Big Tech takes sides

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “We will not let Kremlin apologists pour their toxic lies justifying Putin’s war or sow the seeds of division...
Technology 02-03-2022

Russia wages war against independent media

As the war in Ukraine continues, Russia has stepped up efforts to restrict the availability of information, targeting independent reporting on both sides of the border. 
Enlargement 22-02-2022

Vucic’s media domination ‘hard to catch up’ in Serbia election campaign

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vučić and his ruling SNS party are set to win another mandate in the presidential and parliamentary elections due on 3 April, even though the opposition is mounting the most serious challenge to his rule since 2014.
Media 10-02-2022

Turkey says DW, VOA, Euronews must obtain licences or have access blocked

Turkey's broadcasting watchdog has given three international news agencies 72 hours to obtain an operating licence or else have access to their platforms blocked, one of its members said on Wednesday (9 February).
Media 03-02-2022

Russia retaliates against Deutsche Welle over German RT ban

The Russian foreign ministry announced on Thursday (3 February) that German broadcaster Deutsche Welle's correspondent office in Moscow will be closed down to retaliate against the ban of Russia Today’s broadcasting service by German authorities.
#Media4EU 01-02-2022

Conservative MEP: Greece is heading toward ‘Orbanisation’

As declining press freedom in Greece is already under EU scrutiny, and the government is heading toward “Orbanisation”, Giorgos Kyrtsos, an EU lawmaker from the ruling New Democracy party (EPP), said.
Technology 28-01-2022

Digital Brief powered by Facebook: WhatsApp under scrutiny, platforms vs trade unions, DSA prep talks  

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.
Technology 28-01-2022

Media freedom to be focus of Czech EU Council presidency

Media freedom, particularly in Hungary and Poland, will be a key focus of the upcoming Czech European Council presidency, according to the country’s Minister for European Affairs. 
Global Europe 25-01-2022

Court orders Turkey to pay damages to German reporter

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday (25 January) ordered Turkey to pay damages in excess of €12,300 to a German-Turkish journalist, ruling that his rights were violated by a year-long detention.