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Politics 02-07-2021

Tweets of the Week: Slovenian Presidency, Hungarian Ad, Football Euphoria

Slovenian presidency could be a free-for-all, Viktor Orban still has some gall, and we are all still very excited about football.
Politics 19-02-2021

Tweets of the Week: HERA, Janša Attacks, Maskless Merkel and Mature Macron

Europe decides to vaccellerate, attack on journo provokes Slovenian debate, and Merkel’s forgetful while Macron gains weight.
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Europe's East 01-12-2014

The State vs. Adamescu

If Dan Adamescu's allies have it right, the publisher of Romania's leading opposition newspaper, the aptly-titled Romania Libera, is being persecuted by for opposing outgoing prime minister Victor Ponta. The charge?  Publishing a periodical which, for the better part of two decades, has served as an independent platform for investigative journalism in the former communist country. Now awaiting trial on corruption charges, the future does not look bright for the 66-year-old. Jewish entrepeneur. Adamescu's son Alexander spoke to EURACTIV about his father's plight.
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Digital & Media 28-07-2014

Media freedom under threat in Hungary, Kroes says

EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes lashed out at the Hungarian government on Monday, accusing the center-right ruling party of “censoring” media freedom.
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Europe's East 23-05-2013

EC on media freedom in Ukraine

EURACTIV senior journalist Georgi Gotev asks the European Commission about media freedom in Ukraine as two Ukranian journalists were allegedly beaten by supporters of president Viktor Yanukovych last weekend in Kiev.