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Languages & Culture 21-09-2009

EU filmmakers get €5m funding boost

The European cinema industry will get €5m this year to enhance filmmakers' cooperation with their counterparts in third countries, the European Commission announced on Friday (18 September).
Languages & Culture 12-05-2009

Cannes opens as Euro film production hits new highs

As Cannes prepares to host Europe's most prestigious film festival for the 62nd time, a survey released yesterday (11 May) found that a record number of films were produced in the EU last year and admissions to European films remained strong.
Languages & Culture 04-03-2009

Euronews to launch Turkish service in 2010

TV channel Euronews will launch its ninth language version - Turkish - in January 2010, in partnership with Turkey's national public broadcaster, TRT. Philippe Cayla, president of the executive board of Euronews, gave EURACTIV more details yesterday (3 March).
Languages & Culture 27-06-2008

Commission seeks to boost EU film industry

With the international and European audiovisual markets dominated by US productions, the European Commission is looking for new ways to strengthen the European film industry and enhance cooperation with third countries.
Languages & Culture 11-06-2008

EU to challenge Hollywood rule

The European Commission is exploring ways to launch a new programme to increase the share of European movies in markets outside the EU, which is currently very marginal.
Languages & Culture 27-02-2007

MEDIA-supported movie takes best foreign film Oscar

German film  Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of the Others) by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, won the Oscar for best foreign language film at the 79th Academy Awards on 25 February 2007. 
Languages & Culture 12-02-2007

MEDIA 2007 unveils EU-film budget boost

More than 750 million euro will be made available to European film-makers over the next seven years, Commissioner Viviane Reding announced at the Berlin Film Festival on 11 February 2007.
Languages & Culture 19-12-2005

The publishing industry [Archive]

DG Information Society has made boosting the competitiveness of the European print industry a priority. To this end, the Commission held, in autumn 2005, a consultation to gather stakeholders' views on the policies needed for the industry. 
Digital & Media 29-09-2005

Commission to smooth the way for publishers

DG Information Society has begun a consultation to define its policies to boost the competitiveness of the European print industry. 
Enlargement 22-05-2002

EU MEDIA Programme extended to candidate countries

Eight candidate countries have on 17 May been admitted to join the EU's MEDIA Programme, a programme that encourages the development, distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works.