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Languages & Culture 30-03-2007

Survey finds editors ‘positive’ about newspapers’ future

The 'Newsroom Barometer', a new global survey conducted for the Paris-based World Editors Forum and Reuters, has found that the vast majority of newspaper editors worldwide are optimistic about the future of their newspapers.
Languages & Culture 27-02-2007

MEDIA-supported movie takes best foreign film Oscar

German film  Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of the Others) by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, won the Oscar for best foreign language film at the 79th Academy Awards on 25 February 2007. 
Languages & Culture 12-02-2007

MEDIA 2007 unveils EU-film budget boost

More than 750 million euro will be made available to European film-makers over the next seven years, Commissioner Viviane Reding announced at the Berlin Film Festival on 11 February 2007.
Languages & Culture 09-10-2006

EU citizens’ input sought on media literacy

“Media literacy is as central to active and full citizenship as literacy was at the beginning of the 19th century,” says Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding, heralding the launch of a Commission consultation.
Languages & Culture 29-09-2006

Commission announces support for media-literacy mission

The European Charter for Media Literacy, set up to help citizens play a full role in 21st-century European culture, democracy and social life has been endorsed by the Commission.
Sports 23-03-2006

More competition on football media rights – more viewing choice for fans

A Commission decision ending British Sky Broadcasting's exclusive rights to the English FA Premier League live matches aims to increase innovation through more competition in providing coverage to football fans.
Languages & Culture 12-10-2005

European TV getting dumber and dumber, study says

A hard-hitting report by the Open Society Institute criticises dumbing down and trivialisation of TV content throughout Europe, as a result of ineffective regulation and insufficient funding of high-quality public service TV. 
Digital 29-09-2005

Commission to smooth the way for publishers

DG Information Society has begun a consultation to define its policies to boost the competitiveness of the European print industry. 
Digital 08-06-2005

Green light for ‘French CNN’

The Commission has approved the state financing of a French language international television news network that hopes to challenge the likes of US-based CNN and Arabian Al-Jazeera. 
EU Priorities 2020 11-04-2005

No privileges for German in Commission press conferences

The row that broke out over the addition of German as an 'automatic' language in press conferences alongside French and English has been resolved.
Sports 26-01-2005

German broadcasting deal – EU template for future agreements?

The new EU-brokered deal for top flight German football broadcasting rights is designed to act as a template for member states to implement Community law at national level, says EU competition spokesperson.
Future EU 23-11-2004

Commissioners’ new voices

The Barroso Commission's communication seems to be firmly in the hands of women. The new head of the spokespersons' service, Françoise Le Bail, has two other women as her deputy spokespersons.
Public Affairs 19-11-2004

New Commission pledges “improved co-operation” with media industry

An innovation following Viviane Reding's appointment as 'co-ordinator for relations with the media' will be the creation of a 'one-stop-shop' for the press as an industry. The rise of the internet could provide a case for EU action due to cross-border implications.
Public Affairs 17-11-2004

Europeans spend 20% of their media time on the internet

The internet now represents 20% of European’s media consumption, above magazines (8%) and newspapers (11%) but below radio (30%) and TV (35%), according to the European Interactive Advertising Association.
Digital 16-07-2004

Journalists blow whistle over media concentration in France

The European Federation of Journalists has warned the Commission about the possible consequences if the leading French TV group TF1 were to acquire a stake in the written press.