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Health 05-11-2010

Medicines in emerging markets

Fast-growing economies such as China and India could provide lucrative new markets for Europe's pharmaceutical industry, but emerging nations are investing heavily in their own medicines sector and look set to challenge Western dominance of the healthcare market.
Health 07-07-2010

Counterfeit medicines: A growing health threat

The dangers of fake medicines are due to be addressed in upcoming EU legislation but an international solution may be needed to solve a problem with global implications.
Health 11-02-2005

New medicines legislation

A high level of public health protection and the completion of the internal market were the main objectives of the comprehensive reform of the EU's pharmaceutical legislative framework. The review, which started in July 2001 and ended in March 2004, touched upon contentious issues, such as authorisation procedures, information to patients, regulatory data protection and 'pharmaco-vigilance'.