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Transport 19-09-2019

Commission should ‘pick right battles’, says road transport head

Ursula von der Leyen’s new Commission should look seriously at making sure transport rules are well-tailored to different types of vehicles, while taking advantage of several “low-hanging fruits”, according to road transport association chief Matthias Maedge.
Transport 20-07-2016

Car industry wants tax incentives and bigger trucks, but not regulation

The auto industry wants tax incentives for using cleaner fuels and bigger trucks, according to an internal strategy paper on cutting greenhouse gas emissions that was seen by EURACTIV.com.
Transport 07-04-2016

What is the EU doing about truck CO2 emissions?

Pressure is mounting on manufacturers to lower carbon dioxide emissions from trucks, buses and coaches. The European Commission is planning to introduce the first EU-wide standards to measure CO2 from heavy duty vehicles this summer, as a first step to regulate emissions.
Transport 12-03-2015

Parliament backs the introduction of safer trucks in 2022

The European Parliament approved new rules on Tuesday (10 March) allowing manufacturers to build larger and more aerodynamic trucks that supporters say will improve road safety and reduce polluting emissions.
Transport 11-12-2014

EU truck safety and efficiency law faces delay until 2019

A European Union law agreed late on Wednesday (10 December) to make trucks safer and more aerodynamic, cutting fuel bills, emissions and improving safety, will be delayed by around five years, after the industry pushed for more time to develop new vehicles.
Road charging 20-09-2013

IRU boss: Europe must not suppress road transport

Road transport drives progress and prosperity all over the world, allowing trade and thus development to happen, Umberto de Pretto tells EURACTIV.
Transport 18-09-2013

Haulier boss: Growth and road transport ‘cannot be decoupled’

SPECIAL REPORT/ The new head of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) has mounted a philosophical case that economic growth and transport demand are two sides of the same coin.
Transport 16-09-2013

Mega-trucks proposal runs into political roadblock

SPECIAL REPORT / A controversial proposal to end cross-border restrictions and length-restrictions for mega-trucks across the EU is looking increasing unlikely to see the light of day in the current European Commission.
Transport 27-03-2012

Amber light for ‘monster truck’ traffic across borders

The European Commission has backtracked on earlier plans to allow modular vehicles - also known as 'mega' or 'monster' trucks - to be allowed to cross national borders.