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Brexit 24-01-2013

Cameron speech: Still protesting Britain’s European innocence

Ideally, Britain wants a European-wide free trade area without the supranational institutional apparatus, something it proposed during the 1950s. Yet, unless the euro implodes, that's not the future of the EU, say Dr Michael J. Geary and Kevin A. Lees.
Brexit 12-10-2012

UK should ‘make up its mind’ on Europe

Over the past few days, the anti-European rhetoric coming from the British government has been increasing. But what effect does such talk have on Britain's standing in the EU?
Brexit 03-10-2012

Europe needs a treasury secretary – and associate status for the UK

While the UK goes one way, the rest of the EU goes another. Europe’s ongoing financial crisis exposes systemic weakness in the way the political economy is run. Executive authority is dispersed amongst different and fairly obscure institutions, and democratic accountability is thin, writes Andrew Duff in a BlogActiv post.