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Health 23-11-2018

Debating mandatory or voluntary vaccination is ‘absolutely useless’, says EU health chief

Medical experts, not politicians, should decide whether vaccination should be mandatory or not, EU health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis told reporters on Thursday (21 November), adding that the only relevant objective is to reach maximum coverage.
Health 10-01-2018

Experts urge cautious approach as WHO classifies gaming addiction as illness

The World Health Organisation has classified addiction to video-gaming as an illness, in another sign that the condition is gaining recognition from medical professionals and mental health experts around the world.
Mental illness

Data shows chronic diseases are ‘unfair’ in the EU

SPECIAL REPORT / Chronic diseases are in many ways ‘unfair’ in the EU, experts say, but unfairness and discrimination of patients can be dealt with through disease management, prevention and sharing of best practices.
Health 25-04-2013

Think twice about attention deficit disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects one in 20 children and adolescents in Europe. A new expert's white paper on the disease should galvanise more research into the disorder that causes much more harm and needs more urgent treatment than people believe, says Dr Susan Young.