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Public Affairs 15-09-2016

European Parliament quietly scuppers lobbying reform

The European Parliament has indefinitely postponed a vote on an initiative that was meant to bring clarity to MEPs' side activities and rein in lobbyists. But no one wants to shoulder the blame. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Future EU 16-03-2016

Elmar Brok: ‘The idea that the EU will not advance any further is false’

EU treaty changes are laborious and come with a great deal of uncertainty. As a result, the European Parliament is assessing an own-initiative report that intends to assess what reforms of the functioning of the EU are possible without treaty changes. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Regional Policy 11-02-2010

New regional assembly president faces imminent electoral challenge

Italian socialist politician Mercedes Bresso, who was yesterday (10 February) elected new president of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), could have a short-lived reign if she loses a political contest for leadership of the Piedmont region on 28-29 March.