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Economy & Jobs 13-01-2022

EU blocks merger of South Korean shipbuilders

The EU on Thursday (13 January) blocked the merger of two South Korean ship-making giants over concerns the deal would restrict the supply of large liquefied gas carriers, posing a threat to Europe's energy security.
Competition 29-10-2021

Vestager tries to keep Illumina and GRAIL apart during merger investigation

After two US biotech companies, Illumina and GRAIL, defied the EU’s competition authority by closing a merger without waiting for the results of the EU’s investigation, the European Commission adopted on Friday (29 October) interim measures to ensure that the companies continue to be run as separate entities.
Digital & Media 07-10-2021

LEAK: Digital policies in the Commission’s 2022 work programme

A Cyber Resilience Act, a Chips Act, a European Media Freedom Act and initiatives to boost digital skills – the European Commission’s 2022 work programme, seen by EURACTIV, gives an insight into upcoming digital initiatives coming from Brussels.
Competition 22-09-2021

Illumina/GRAIL: Testing Vestager’s effort to expand EU merger control

The controversial $7.1 billion acquisition of GRAIL by Illumina is developing into a test of the European Commission’s new guidance on merger control, but also of the EU's competition chief Margrethe Vestager's resolve to expand the bloc's supervision of such mergers.
Competition 03-06-2019

French economy ministry wants to overhaul EU competition policies

The French Ministry of Economy wants to change competition practices and trade policy in Europe. Its proposals also aim to tackle new digital conglomerates. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 25-04-2018

EU clamps down on letter box firms’ tax avoidance, social dumping

The European Commission on Wednesday (25 April) proposed new rules to clamp down on firms that relocate within the EU for the purpose of cutting their tax bills, setting up mere letter box companies.
Economy & Jobs 06-10-2017

Cross-border mobility of companies: ‘Real seat’ vs ‘incorporation’

EU member states have adopted contrasting approaches to the cross-border mobility of companies, with some insisting on “real” economic activity and others happy to consider the legally-registered office instead. How the EU eventually decides could have important implications, writes Corrado Malberti.
Economy & Jobs 02-10-2017

EU eyes corporate rules shake-up with law on seat transfer

The European Commission is preparing a new directive on the cross-border transfer of company seats, a move that could have far-reaching implications for other areas of corporate governance, including tax planning and cross-border mergers, EURACTIV has learned.
Competition 07-03-2008

EU Court rules against Spain in energy merger saga

The European Court of Justice has ruled against Spain's energy regulator, which previously succeeded in blocking a takeover attempt of Endesa by Germany's E.ON. Meanwhile, Brussels has said it will take a closer look at a blocked merger in Hungary's oil and gas sector.  
Digital & Media 22-01-2008

Google seeks to allay privacy fears over DoubleClick merger

The planned merger between Google and the leading provider of ad-serving tools, DoubleClick, will not involve the creation of a single database with consumer-related information, said Google's Privacy Counsel, Peter Fleischer, in a move aimed to allay growing privacy concerns in Europe.
Competition 04-10-2007

Commission again clears music giants’ merger

The European Commission has cleared, for a second time and without imposing any 'remedies', the joint venture between music companies Sony and BMG, which had been set aside by the European Court of Justice in 2006.
Competition 28-06-2007

Commission grounds Ryanair’s bid for Aer Lingus

The Commission decided, on 27 June 2007, to prohibit low-fare airline Ryanair from taking over Ireland's formerly state-owned airline Aer Lingus, arguing that the merger would kill off competition and consumer choice. 
Competition 03-04-2007

E.ON drops Endesa bid amid protectionism concerns

The German energy giant dropped its €42.4 billion offer for Endesa, ending an 18-month battle that saw E.ON’s bid for the Spanish utility thwarted by repeated government intervention.
Competition 06-03-2007

Music giants’ merger under renewed investigation

The Commission's anti-trust department has re-opened in-depth investigations into the merger of Sony and Bertelsmann BMG, which has created one of the largest music companies in the world.
Competition 04-09-2006

Kroes warns against protectionism in EU energy markets

Artificially created national champions may have short-term appeal but are often to the long-term detriment of European consumers and competitiveness, the EU's competition commissioner has said.
Competition 14-07-2006

Court rolls back music merger

The European Court of First Instance has overturned the Commission's 2004 decision to clear the merger of the music units of Sony and BMG Bertelsmann, putting future mergers in the music industry in question.
Competition 16-02-2005

Brief – EU court rules blocked packaging merger lawful

The Commission's blocking in 2001 of the merger between Tetra Laval (packaging, Switzerland/Sweden) and Sidel (plastic bottles, France) has been definitively overruled by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
Competition 21-01-2004

EU to have new merger control rules from 1 May 2004

The ECOFIN meeting of 20 January 2004 gave its final approval to the EU's new Merger Regulation.
Competition 28-11-2003

Council approves new merger rules

The Competitiveness Council adopted on 27 November new rules giving the Commission more power to investigate merger deals.
Competition 19-11-2003

Cross-border mergers to be made simpler

The Commission has tabled a proposal for a directive on cross-border mergers to overcome obstacles presented by differences in national legislation.
Competition 02-05-2003

EU’s merger control to be reorganised

The Commission's DG Competition will undergo a profound restructuring to increase its efficiency in view of enlargement and of recent setbacks in Court
Competition 12-12-2002

EU’s merger control faces comprehensive reform

The European Commission presented on 11 December its long-awaited proposals for a comprehensive overhaul of its merger control regime.
Competition 08-11-2002

Monti unveils details of his upcoming merger review

Addressing a conference in Brussels on 7 November, Competition Commissioner Mario Monti unveiled some details of his plans to reform the EU's antitrust rules. More transparency and better access to the Commission's dossier, an extended timeframe, an improved economic analysis and consumer involvement are some of the main elements of Mr Monti's future proposals.
Competition 25-10-2002

Court annuls second Commission merger veto in one week

The EU's Court of First Instance has overturned for the second time in one week the Commission's decision to block a merger between two companies.