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Digital & Media 01-12-2021

France debates merger that would lead to media colossus

The announcement that France's two leading television groups, TF1 and M6, would merge to face US giants like Netflix or Amazon Prime is raising major concerns about competition and media ownership being concentrated among just a few players in the country. EURACTIV France reports.
Competition 07-09-2017

The EU’s expanding view of mergers

The EU has stepped up its anti-trust game. But is looking at market share a flawed criterion to ensure consumers' interests? The forthcoming merger of eyewear giants Luxottica and Essilor will be telltale.
Competition 28-04-2017

EU flirts with protectionism amid foreign takeover concerns

Some EU member states’ attempts to push for EU legislation to protect "critical infrastructure" from unwanted third-country takeovers has raised concerns of growing protectionism and economic nationalism in the bloc.
Competition 24-06-2015

Commission deepens investigation of Scandinavian telecoms merger

EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has stepped up an antitrust investigation into the merger between Norway's Telenor and Sweden's TeliaSonera mobile operations in Denmark, the two companies said Tuesday (23 June).
Transport 31-01-2013

After UPS-TNT, more merger battles to come

Joaquín Almunia’s predecessor as competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, ended her five-year mandate having barred two mergers. The previous negative decisions hinged on potential harm to consumers and whether harm could be offset by increased network efficiencies, write Mario Mariniello and Alice Gambarin.
Euro & Finance 18-09-2012

First the squabbles, then the fudge

Amidst the euphoria unleashed by the European Central Bank’s bond-buying plan, it is easy to miss the immense challenges posed by two complex dossiers that have just landed on leaders’ desks: the proposed EADS/BAE merger and a planned single banking supervisor, writes Hugo Dixon.
Euro & Finance 23-03-2011

Almunia to extend probe into stock exchange merger

A major stock exchange merger which would span operations across the US and the EU may need closer scrutiny than expected, the EU's competition commissioner hinted at a parliamentary hearing yesterday (22 March).
Digital & Media 21-01-2010

Kroes in U-turn on Oracle-Sun deal

In a complete U-turn, the European Commission has given its approval to Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Sources close to the negotiation of the controversial deal say Neelie Kroes, the EU's competition commissioner, bowed to political pressure from the US to approve the move.
Competition 18-07-2008

EU Court says Spanish blockage of energy merger illegal

The EU's highest court ruled on 17 July that Spain broke EU internal market rules when it insisted last year that all mergers in the energy sector must be pre-approved by its national energy regulator, effectively thwarting a takeover attempt on the national energy company Endesa by Germany's E.ON.
Competition 07-03-2008

EU Court rules against Spain in energy merger saga

The European Court of Justice has ruled against Spain's energy regulator, which previously succeeded in blocking a takeover attempt of Endesa by Germany's E.ON. Meanwhile, Brussels has said it will take a closer look at a blocked merger in Hungary's oil and gas sector.  
Digital & Media 22-01-2008

Google seeks to allay privacy fears over DoubleClick merger

The planned merger between Google and the leading provider of ad-serving tools, DoubleClick, will not involve the creation of a single database with consumer-related information, said Google's Privacy Counsel, Peter Fleischer, in a move aimed to allay growing privacy concerns in Europe.
Competition 04-09-2007

Suez-GDF merger seen as challenge to EU

After 18 months of political and legal setbacks, the two French utilities announced the conclusion of a merger deal that will create the world's third-largest utility, in a move that some say goes counter to the Commission's objective of opening up the EU's energy sector to greater competition.
Competition 28-06-2007

Commission grounds Ryanair’s bid for Aer Lingus

The Commission decided, on 27 June 2007, to prohibit low-fare airline Ryanair from taking over Ireland's formerly state-owned airline Aer Lingus, arguing that the merger would kill off competition and consumer choice. 
Competition 21-05-2007

Italian merger creates EU banking giant

Italian bank UniCredit has agreed to buy smaller rival Capitalia to create Europe's second largest bank behind HSBC, in a move that further accelerates the consolidation of the eurozone’s banking industry.
Competition 29-03-2007

Spain taken to court for blocking Endesa takeover

EU regulators said they would take the Spanish government to the EU’s highest court for continuing to block a bid by German energy giant E.ON on Spanish utility Endesa.
Euro & Finance 14-03-2007

EU shakes up M&A rules in banking sector

The European Parliament has endorsed plans to improve rules on how banking mergers are approved with the aim of making them more transparent and free from political intervention.
Competition 28-02-2007

‘Protectionist’ states blocking EU cross-border merger rules

An EU law meant to encourage cross-border acquisitions within the bloc is failing, according to the Commission, but it is unlikely to be changed in the near future because of some member states' "over-protectionist" attitudes.
Brexit 13-09-2006

Commission takes action against protectionism in banking sector

Commissioner McCreevy wants to raise the efficiency and transparency for merger and acquisition (M&A) approval process.
Euro & Finance 28-08-2006

Merger creates new banking giant in Italy

Boards of Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo, Italy’s second and third largest banks, agree to form a mayor player in the European banking sector.
Competition 14-07-2006

Court rolls back music merger

The European Court of First Instance has overturned the Commission's 2004 decision to clear the merger of the music units of Sony and BMG Bertelsmann, putting future mergers in the music industry in question.
Euro & Finance 16-03-2006

Kroes: nationalism has no place in cross-border mergers

Amid fears of an epidemic of protectionism sweeping Europe, competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes has given national governments a strong warning against undue interference in cross-border mergers.
Euro & Finance 25-11-2005

McCreevy will issue proceedings on Italian bank mergers

The Commission is to take legal action against the Italian central bank concerning the blocking of certain foreign takeover bids.
Euro & Finance 09-11-2005

Commission considers legal action over Italian banking

Internal Market Commissioner McCreevy has said he is in favour of legal action against Italy over recent debacles concerning cross-border banking takeover bids.
Competition 09-11-2005

Too many obstacles to banking mergers, says McCreevy

Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has presented European finance ministers with evidence of significant hurdles to banking mergers within the EU.