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Technology 22-06-2022

Metaverse: how to regulate a space yet to be invented?

Although the metaverse promises great commercial opportunities, it raises a number of questions that regulators and legislators are having a hard time answering as this future evolution of the Internet is still at a very early stage.
Technology 17-06-2022

French companies line up for piece of the ‘metaverse pie’

The metaverse, expected to shake the virtual world as we know it, has also seduced French companies which are determined to have a spot in the new technology's development but have decided to proceed cautiously.
Technology 15-06-2022

Metaverse expected to generate $5 trillion for the economy by 2030

Consulting firm McKinsey & Company has urged companies and governments not to miss the opportunities that the metaverse is bringing, while the market is expected to generate up to $5 trillion for the economy by the end of the decade.
Cybersecurity 14-06-2022

Big Tech points finger to governments for driving surveillance technology demand

Google, Meta and Microsoft presented a united front to lawmakers on Tuesday (14 June), when they called on governments to stop investing in surveillance companies and curb the growing use of sophisticated software like Pegasus.
Technology 08-06-2022

WhatsApp given one month to show compliance with EU consumer law

The European Commission and EU consumer authorities further escalated their probe against the WhatsApp messaging app, giving them one month to prove that it did not breach EU consumer protection rules.
Technology 30-05-2022

The EU AI law will not be future-proof unless it regulates general purpose AI systems

The proposed EU AI Act from April 2021, by excluding general purpose AI systems, risks endangering our fundamental rights and safety. In the first partial compromise Council text, the Slovenian Presidency introduced a new article on general purpose AI systems that fails to address the harms arising from these AI systems.

Facebook whistleblower calls on MEPs to make sure DSA won’t be ‘dead letter’

While revisiting the recently-agreed digital regulations, European Parliament lawmakers were joined by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen who called on them to do everything necessary to ensure that the DSA will be a "success story".
Technology 04-05-2022

German competition authority tightens its grip on Meta

Stricter antitrust measures can be taken against US giant Meta, Germany's Bundeskartellamt announced on Wednesday (4 May), after similar measures were taken toward Google. Meanwhile, Germany is lobbying for stricter EU competition rules.
Technology 05-04-2022

Facebook owner Meta briefly blocks hashtags tied to Bucha killings

Facebook owner Meta Platforms briefly restricted hashtags related to civilian deaths in northern Ukraine, where bodies of people shot at close range were found in a town seized back from Russian forces, a company spokesman confirmed on Monday.
Technology 21-03-2022

Russia finds Meta guilty of ‘extremist activity’, says WhatsApp can stay

A Moscow court on Monday found Meta Platforms Inc guilty of "extremist activity", but said its decision would not affect the WhatsApp messenger service, focusing its ire on the company's already banned Facebook and Instagram social networks.
Technology 11-03-2022

Digital Brief: health data space, Russian internet sovereignty, DMA’s final rush

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.
Technology 11-03-2022

Russia moves to block Meta entirely over hate speech policy change

The Russian authorities have opened a criminal case against Meta, the parent company of Facebook, following the company's decision to allow users to post calls for violence against Russians in the context of the war in Ukraine. 
Technology 11-03-2022

EU, UK launch parallel antitrust probe on Google-Meta ad tech deal

The European Commission launched on Friday (11 March) a competition investigation into whether Google and Meta had violated EU antitrust law in their use of online display advertising, in parallel with the UK’s Competition Market Authority's own probe.
Technology 08-03-2022

EU governments call on online platform to scale up fact-checking efforts

EU telecoms ministers have urged digital companies to ensure their anti-disinformation capacity is adequate in Central Eastern Europe, a primary target of Russian hybrid warfare.
Technology 02-03-2022

Apple halts sales in Russia in response to Ukraine invasion

Apple will stop selling its products on Russian soil following calls from Ukraine in response to the war Russia has launched against the country. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 01-03-2022

YouTube blocks access to Russian state-controlled media amid EU states’ call for action

YouTube on Tuesday (1 March) blocked accounts connected to Russian state-controlled RT and Sputnik and removed thousands of videos following calls to curb the spread of pro-Kremlin propaganda on social media after Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.
Media 15-02-2022

Meta launches Facebook News in France

Meta has launched its Facebook News service in France, which will centralise news from around 100 media outlets from across the country and will be gradually rolled out from Tuesday (15 February) until all users can access it in May.
Technology 11-02-2022

Digital Brief powered by Google: Chips Act, Google Analytics strike two

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “With the European Chips Act, we are putting out the investments and the strategy. But the key to our...
Technology 08-02-2022

Facebook Oversight Board recommends privacy improvements to tackle ‘doxing’

Meta should amend its privacy policy to ban the sharing of private residential information even when it is considered “publicly available”, the company’s Oversight Board has said. 
Data protection 08-02-2022

Habeck and Le Maire unfazed by Facebook’s withdrawal threats from the EU

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire seemed unimpressed on Monday (7 February) by digital giant Meta's threat of possibly withdrawing Facebook and Instagram from the EU, repeating that data should not be handed over without control.
Technology 04-02-2022

Digital Brief: Data Act leaked, AdTech in the storm, the importance of standards

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “The aim to ensure fairness in the allocation of data value among actors in the data economy and...
Technology 04-02-2022

Meta fined £1.5 million for breaching Giphy acquisition enforcement order

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has fined Meta £1.5 million for failing to give the watchdog advance warning of the departure of high-level staff, something it had agreed to do under the terms of an earlier order related to its acquisition of Giphy. 
Internet governance 01-02-2022

Big tech opposes Germany’s enhanced hate speech law

The amendment to Germany's Network Enforcement Act known as NetzDG on combatting hate speech online comes into force on Tuesday (1 February) but some of the largest online platforms refuse to cooperate. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Technology 27-01-2022

EU Commission requires WhatsApp to clarify how it processes personal data

The European Commission sent a letter to WhatsApp on Thursday (27 January) asking how its new privacy policy meets the EU consumer protection requirements and clarifications on the exchanges of personal data with the parent company Meta. The letter results...