About: Michel Barnier

Politics 26-02-2021

Tweets of the Week: Daft Punk, EUCO, Barnier Farewell

Music masterminds duo is ended, Europe’s vaccine policy needs to be mended and Farewell Mr Barnier, you were totally splendid.
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Economy & Jobs 01-03-2018

Live: BusinessEurope Day 2018 in Brussels

In the context of its 60 anniversary, BusinessEurope discussed 'The value(s) of business' in a day-long event in Brussels on March 1, 2018. As Media Partner, we featured a live stream throughout the day that can still be watched. Keynote speeches included Donald Tusk, Jyrki Katainen and Michel Barnier on a key day in the Brexit negotiations.
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Economy & Jobs 15-05-2014

Commission presents first review of EU reform agenda

The European Commission published on Thursday a first comprehensive review of the financial regulation agenda. According to the EU's executive, the review review sets out how the reforms will deliver a safer and more responsible financial system by enhancing financial stability, deepening the single market for financial services and improving its efficiency whilst improving market integrity and confidence.
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Banking union 15-04-2014

Parliament gives green light to Banking Union

European Parliament president Martin Schulz has called it a historic project, on par with the Single Market.
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Economy & Jobs 11-04-2014

Barnier: “I will continue to serve the public interest”

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV's editor Frederic Simon, EU Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier spoke about the future of Europe and his own career plans after the EU elections in May. Barnier will publish a book on the European debate on the 15th of April. “In this book, I try to explain that if we don’t react together, learn lessons, if we don't launch new policies or reconnect citizens with Europe, our liberty as Europeans is at stake. We'll loose it.” Barnier said.
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Economy & Jobs 09-04-2014

Commission proposes greater shareholder power over executive pay

Around 10000 listed companies across Europe might have to change the way they pay their top executives.
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Digital 04-02-2014

Commission welcomes MEPs vote on cross border online music license

EU Internal Market commissioner Michel Barnier welcomed on Tuesday the MEPs proposal of issuing cross-border EU licenses for online music providers.
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Economy & Jobs 29-01-2014

Commission proposes new rules to stop banks’ risky trading

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday new rules to stop the biggest and most complex banks from engaging in the risky activity of proprietary trading.
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Banking union 19-12-2013

Summit to put finishing touches on banking union deal

More than five years after the financial crisis struck, Europe is about to finalise one its most ambitious reforms since the launch of the euro: the banking union. The plan aims to keep tax-payers from bailing out troubled banks. It includes setting up a 55 billion euro fund, financed by the banking industry, over 10 years. A new European agency would also be created, which would decide when and how failing banks would be closed.
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Banking union 12-12-2013

EU strikes deal on resolution mechanism for failed banks

Negotiators from the European Union’s 28 member states agreed on a Single Resolution Mechanism to save bankrupt banks on Wednesday, putting together a central piece of the EU’s banking union puzzle which aims at sparing taxpayers from bailing out failed banks in the future.
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Digital 14-11-2013

Commission welcomes TV, film industry pledge for easier cross-border copyright

European consumers should find it easier to access television and films from their home state when travelling through the continent if pledges made by the audiovisual sector to the Commission yesterday (13 November) are honoured. At a plenary session in Brussels, audiovisual industry participants in the so-called Licences for Europe process made formal pledges on cross-border access and portability of services, user-generated content and micro-licensing, audiovisual heritage and text and data mining.
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Digital 30-09-2013

EU launches new intellectual property survey

More than a third of European jobs rely on intellectual property rights (IPR) such as patents, trade marks and design rights according to a new pan-European study, which the EU executive will use to boost policymaking.
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Barnier: ‘Merkel has European convictions’

After losing out on her preferred coalition partners, Germany's newly re-elected chancellor, Angela Merkel, faces a number of hurdles in securing a power-sharing deal with rival left-leaning parties. EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier comments on the re-election of Angela Merkel.
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Economy & Jobs 18-09-2013

EC’s Michel Barnier on the proposal for member states to regulate benchmarks

The Commission yesterday (18 September) proposed sweeping new governance of benchmarks aiming to avoid repeats of the scandals affecting the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) and the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor) in 2012.
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Banking union 13-09-2013

EC’s Michel Barnier on banking union

Europe took a significant step forward in its ambitions to create a single banking framework for the eurozone on Thursday (12 September) after EU lawmakers granted new powers to the European Central Bank to oversee banks in the currency bloc.
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Economy & Jobs 04-09-2013

EC’s Michel Barnier on the new shadow banking proposal

Funds offering short-term financing to governments and companies – but which remain unregulated and in the “shadow” of the mainstream banking sector – will be forced to create new cash buffers under proposals launched yesterday (4 September) by the Commission.
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Future EU 30-08-2013

EURACTIV’s exclusive interview with EC’s Michel Barnier

EXCLUSIVE / The EU’s internal market commissioner Michel Barnier, a convinced European and known federalist, has come out in favour of limits being imposed on the European project, telling EURACTIV in an exclusive interview that he understood concerns expressed by the far-right and other Eurosceptic parties. But he said Europe should also dare venture in new areas such as defense and industrial policy.
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Economy & Jobs 11-07-2013

Brussels unveils Single Resolution Mechanism for banking union

Despite strong German opposition, the European Commission on Wednesday unveiled plans to set up a single body to deal with failing banks. Regarded as a pillar in Europe's so-called banking union, the new plan would allow the Commission to shut down any of Europe's struggling banks, even if the national authorities disagree.
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Banking union 28-06-2013

Finance ministers strike deal to stem bank bailouts

European finance ministers agreed on Thursday (26 June) to force investors and wealthy savers to share the costs of future bank failures, moving to put an end to unpopular taxpayer-funded bailouts that prompted outrage during the financial crisis.
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Economy & Jobs 14-06-2013

From reform to growth: a roadmap for Europe – EIF Helsinki 2013

CES was proud to host the fourth Economic Ideas Forum, which was held in Helsinki during the 6th and 7th of June 2013 under the Patronage of Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen. This yearly conference brought together high level economic experts, Ministers of Economy, EU Commissioners, EU Prime Ministers, as well as CEOs of companies from around the world and enterprise representatives.
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Economy & Jobs 26-03-2013

Cyprus crisis: banks to re-open Thursday, but remain controlled

Amid concerns of a possible bank run, Cyprus is requiring banks to stay closed until Thursday. The Cypriot authorities will also limit access to bank accounts and movement of cash out of the island. It is the first time capital controls are being applied within the euro area and comes after Cyprus sealed a deal with the EU and the IMF on Monday to avoid bankruptcy and a potential euro exit.
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Euro & Finance 06-03-2013

EU agrees bank bonus cap despite UK opposition

Despite London's efforts to block the measure, EU finance ministers on Tuesday agreed on new rules to cap banker's bonuses. The agreement aims to strengthen the banking sector and will cap bonus payments at the same level as an employee's yearly salary. It will also increase the amount of capital banks need to keep on their balance sheets.
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Euro & Finance 17-01-2013

Parliament backs rules to restrain rating agencies

The European Parliament approved limited new rules to rein in the influence of credit rating agencies criticised during the financial crisis for having misjudged the risks that caused it.