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France wants to spearhead EU strategy on Arctic region

The Arctic’s melting ice caps do not just have serious environmental consequences, they also unearth economic opportunities. France wants Europe to secure a more important bargaining position, next to large northern countries like Russia and Canada. EURACTIV France reports.
Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard [Photo: Franceonu/ Caroline Fréchard]
Brexit 04-06-2014

‘Get out of EU,’ ex-French PM Rocard tells Britain

Former French Prime Minister and fervent EU advocate Michel Rocard accused Britain on Wednesday of having only joined the European Union to serve its commercial interests, telling it to leave before it caused further damage.
Elections 25-11-2011

Let people decide the next Socialist candidate for EC president

Open primaries should be held in Europe so that voters can choose the next Party of European Socialists candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, say Michel Rocard and Pierre Moscovici. Primaries are the only way to restore democratic legitimacy of the EU and its executive in these times of  the euro crisis.
EU Priorities 2020 15-10-2010

German reunification and the new Europe

Germany is not primarily responsible for killing off the vision of a political Europe, writes Michel Rocard, a former prime minister of France and a former leader of the Socialist Party.
Enlargement 08-09-2009

Rocard: ‘Sarkozy should change his position on Turkey’

In view of the geopolitical context and the risk of a deteriorating situation in Turkey, French President Nicolas Sarkozy should give the green light to pursuing EU-Turkey membership negotiations, said Michel Rocard, a former prime minister of France, in an interview with EURACTIV.