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Digital & Media 14-07-2021

French MP: Digital sovereignty is about being able to choose dependencies

In an interview with EURACTIV France, French centrist MP Philippe Latombe spoke about France's approach to digital sovereignty being about being able to choose who they can depend on and pointed to EU countries currently not being 'on the same page' when it comes to digital sovereignty.
Digital & Media 14-10-2013

Microsoft’s Cherkis: Europe on equal footing with Asia, US on ‘smart cities’

Despite the massive funding available for the development of smart cities in China, and the leading role that the US is playing in hi-tech city infrastructure, Europe remains a key player in the development of interconnected urban spaces, according to Microsoft’s Joel Cherkis.
Digital & Media 24-07-2013

Microsoft security boss: EU should harmonise cybercrime controls

Europe’s proposed cybersecurity strategy would see companies reporting incidences of when they have been attacked. Microsoft’s Paul Nicholas says that there needs to be more clarity on what the reason for the reporting is, and calls for more collaboration between governments to harmonise cybersecurity controls.
Brexit 18-11-2010

Microsoft: Cloud computing heralds ‘technology revolution’

Europe's biggest competitive challenges for the future are "the two Ds" – debt levels in many countries and demographics or ageing populations, according to Jan Muehlfeit, Microsoft's chairman for Europe, who believes part of the solution lies in cloud computing.
Public Affairs 08-06-2004

Full interview with Jan Muehlfeit, Vice-President of Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa

Jan Muehlfeit hopes Microsoft can help ICT in New Member States develop by building e-government services and empowering small businesses to become more competitive. He says Microsoft recognises that "both open source and commercial software are now vital components of the IT ecosystem".