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  • Brussels reopens ‘browser war’ with Microsoft

    Competition 24-10-2012

    European Union antitrust regulators accused Microsoft on Wednesday (24 October) of breaching a 2009 order to offer a choice of web browsers to consumers on its Windows 7 operating system, the first step in a procedure that could lead to a hefty fine.

  • Microsoft files EU complaint over Google, Motorola

    Competition 23-02-2012

    Microsoft Corp has asked EU antitrust regulators to intervene in a patent dispute with Google Inc and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc as it stepped up its battle against Google.

  • EU checks complaints against Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype

    Digital 27-09-2011

    The European Commission is determining whether to require the unbundling of the Internet phone service Skype from Microsoft's Windows operating system before authorising the planned merger of the two companies.

  • Microsoft files EU competition complaint against Google

    Digital 01-04-2011

    Microsoft Corp. stepped up its rivalry with Google Inc. with a formal complaint to EU antitrust regulators, claiming Google systematically thwarts Internet search competition.

  • Kroes to beef up scrutiny of EU digital industry

    Digital 24-06-2010

    The European Commission will ensure that devices with always-on connectivity, like Apple's iPhone, don't lock consumers in to proprietary technology, Neelie Kroes, EU commissioner for the 'Digital Agenda', told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview. A yearly scorecard will measure the industry's progress. 

  • Internet search engines scolded by EU regulators

    Digital 27-05-2010

    EU regulators have reprimanded major search engines Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft's Bing for storing data search queries for too long and by so doing overlooking the bloc's Data Protection Directive. 

  • EU eGovernment push ‘threatens Microsoft supremacy’

    Digital 21-04-2010

    EU telecoms ministers took an important step towards diluting the market dominance of Microsoft's Office software on Monday (19 April) when they agreed to roll out online services using more interoperable document formats, according to Brussels-based competition lawyers.

  • EU clears way for Microsoft Yahoo! bid

    Digital 19-02-2010

    As expected, the European Commission approved Microsoft's bid for Yahoo! Inc.'s search advertising business yesterday (18 February), saying the deal did not challenge EU antitrust rules given Google's dominance in the market.

  • Microsoft woos EU privacy watchdogs

    Competition 20-01-2010

    Microsoft's Bing search engine will retain private Internet search data for a maximum period of six months, the ICT giant announced yesterday (19 January) as EU antitrust regulators started to scrutinise the company's alliance with Yahoo.

  • Microsoft EU dispute to last into 2010

    Digital 16-12-2009

    Today (16 December) the EU ends a decade long dispute with Microsoft over its Internet Explorer browser. But the US software company is not out of the woods yet, as outstanding antitrust complaints could see the European Commission continue sparring with the giant in 2010.

  • EU set to close ‘browser war’ after Microsoft offer

    Digital 08-12-2009

    The European Union and Microsoft are likely to end a decade-long dispute next week when EU antitrust regulators will accept the US software company's amended offer on allowing consumer choice on Internet browsers, sources said.

  • Microsoft bows to EU pressure in browser war

    Competition 08-10-2009

    Microsoft will give consumers the choice of twelve different web browsers after the company gave in to EU antitrust demands to stop bundling its Windows operating software with its own popular browser, Internet Explorer.