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Agrifood 07-07-2003

The Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy: Radical reform or weak compromise?

The paper argues that the EU's farm reform agreement represents a historic shift in the structure of the CAP, but it remains to be seen whether it can stimulate an adequate response at the WTO talks.
Central Europe 06-07-2003

Paradise lost (in Abkhazia)

The paper calls on the EU to take a lead in pacifying the troubled Caucasus region in the context of its new "Wider Europe" policy.
Agrifood 23-09-2002

Adjusting the CAP

Adjusting the CAP Franz Fischler, the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, addressed on 20 September 2002, an EPC breakfast briefing on “Adjusting the CAP”. A question and answer session followed. This is not an official record of...
Agrifood 25-07-2002

Brand-new CAP regime or new wine in an old bottle?

Brand-new CAP regime or new wine in an old bottle? On Monday the European Union’s Agriculture Council dealt for the first time with the Commission’s proposals for a review of the Union’s common agricultural policy (CAP), but failed to reach...