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EU can sow seeds of peace through Green Deal

The European Union’s Green Deal could be a glue that brings us together: it should be used to build peace in neighbouring countries, writes Peter Läderach.

Covid-19 in the Mediterranean – is ‘Team Europe’ getting it right in the South?

The EU is starting to 'think neighbourhood' before global. But what does this mean for countries in the Middle East and North Africa, asks Michael Benhamou.
Global Europe 05-02-2018

Adapting to global human mobility after a refugee and migrant crisis

More people than ever are on the move, globally. This raises the need for courageous European leadership and broad-based support from the media to “depoliticise” refugees and migrants and to free public opinion from irrational fear, writes Idriss Jazairy.
Future EU 10-01-2018

‘Last chance’: Juncker has only 2018 to deliver the goods

This is the year when Jean-Claude Juncker's ‘Last Chance’ Commission must chalk up worthwhile achievements and shake off the sense of inertia that already risks turning into full retreat, argue Giles Merritt and Shada Islam.
Global Europe 22-12-2017

Building a positive agenda for the Mediterranean

Confidently building a positive agenda for the Mediterranean is critical, and it must be done with strength and conviction, writes Fathallah Sijilmassi.
Global Europe 06-05-2013

EU official: The Arab Spring revealed our weaknesses

The Arab Spring has been a wake-up call for the EU as it showed that the Union has not always been coherent and consistent in its foreign relations, Dick Toornstra told EURACTIV in an interview.
Global Europe 04-04-2011

Arab revolutions: Implications for EU-Russia relations

While the energy price increases triggered by the the Arab revolutions appear to have strengthened Russia in its relations with the European Union, never before has Moscow been so vulnerable to the EU's demands on human rights and the rule of law, writes Eugenia Vesanto of the EU-Russia Centre.
Med & South 04-04-2011

Don’t be daft: It takes more than an election to make a democracy

Beyond the immediate joy of the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, it is far from certain what their ultimate outcome will be, including potentially further instability if not civil war. Democracy will not come easily or quickly by virtue of elections alone, but rather through the slow and steady development of political parties, civil society and interest groups, write UK Conservative MEP Nirj Deva and Samantha Feinstein in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.