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Energy 23-05-2018

Neftohim refinery boss: Europe’s refining sector will consolidate, improve

The number of oil refineries in Europe is likely to decrease but those that remain will be truly competitive, highly technological and highly efficient, Ilshat Sharafutdinov told EURACTIV in an interview.
Politics 29-06-2017

Rasmussen: Europe has to invest more to be secure

The world has changed and there is a long list of things that Europe should do to protect itself. First, we have to increase defence spending, Anders Fogh Rasmussen told EURACTIV Czech Republic.
Med & South 18-06-2010

Turkish President: We don’t want anything other than EU membership

Turkey will not accept any new framework of relations to the EU except full membership, Turkish President Abdullah Gül told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Global Europe 23-02-2010

Baltiansky: Israelis see themselves as part of Europe

For Israelis EU membership is a dream: a dream that may come true one day, Gadi Baltiansky of 'H.L. Education for Peace Ltd.', director-general of the Geneva Initiative for Israel, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.
Global Europe 23-02-2010

Foqaha: Palestinians see EU as Middle East’s ‘honest broker’

Among the Palestinian public, attitudes to the European Union can be characterised as very positive, Nidal Foqaha of the Palestinian Peace Coalition, director-general of the Geneva Initiative for Palestine, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.