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Global Europe 19-01-2021

Navalny arrest could prompt inauguration of EU Magnitsky-style sanctions regime

The EU's recently approved Magnitsky-style law allowing the 27-member bloc to impose sanctions on human rights abusers could soon come to life as calls grow in Europe to apply the new punitive measures to Russia over the detention of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
Global Europe 18-02-2020

Dutch appeals court reinstates $50 billion awarded to Yukos shareholders

A Dutch appeals court on Tuesday (18 February) overturned the annulment of a $50 billion award to shareholders in the now defunct Russian oil giant Yukos, a surprise ruling 13 years after the assets came under control of the Kremlin.
Energy 31-01-2017

Croatia learns energy arbitration lessons the hard way

Croatia’s drawn out energy dispute with Hungary has possibly dampened its hopes of acting as an energy hub for the EU, as Brussels looks to bring in more gas from the east. The newest bloc member has a lot of work to do to repair rifts, writes Mehmet Öğütçü.

Global Europe 17-10-2016

Russia Today’s bank accounts closed in UK

Kremlin-funded television network RT said today (17 October) that Britain's NatWest bank is closing all its accounts in a unilateral decision.
Europe's East 19-06-2015

France, Belgium seize Russian assets to compensate Yukos shareholders

Russian government assets in France and Belgium including bank accounts have been frozen in a row over compensation for shareholders of defunct oil giant Yukos, officials and a claimant representative said yesterday (18 June).
Europe's East 08-04-2015

Russian MP who opposed Crimea annexation stripped of immunity

Russia's parliament voted yesterday (7 April) to strip the only deputy who voted against last year's annexation of Crimea of his immunity from prosecution as a lawmaker.