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Economy & Jobs 09-09-2014

Analysts: Weimar Triangle key for Poland’s new role in EU

SPECIAL REPORT: Warsaw needs to articulate more clearly its expectations and policy interests in the context of the Weimar Triangle, a format grouping three large members of the EU, France, Poland and Germany, in order to maximise its political leverage in the Union and beyond, analysts told the EURACTIV network.
Economy & Jobs 14-02-2011

Polish Minister: EU budget will be ‘sign of our ambitions’

The upcoming Polish EU Presidency will be a time when we can talk about the principles of the future budget – a modern, ambitious budget, Poland's State Secretary for European Affairs Miko?aj Dowgielewicz told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Central Europe 06-12-2010

Polish minister: Europe is much more than just France, Germany and the UK

The EU needs more unity and less controversy and is not just about what France, Germany or the UK wants, Polish State Secretary for European Affairs Miko?aj Dowgielewicz told EURACTIV.fr in an interview. He discussed the plans of the Polish EU Presidency, which will begin in July 2011.
Central Europe 29-09-2010

Polish official: Warsaw will inject ‘optimism’ into EU affairs

When Poland takes on the EU presidency in 2011, it will focus on energy, security and defence and injecting ''optimism'' into the European Union, Miko?aj Dowgielewicz, Polish state secretary for European affairs and economic policy, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.