About: Millenium Development Goals

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Development Policy 30-09-2014

Mimica: We must stop poverty before its starts

Commissioner-designate for Development Neven Mimica sailed through his hearing without difficulty, as MEPs from the development committee quizzed him on Monday.
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Development Policy 19-09-2014

The EU and Development Aid

The European Parliament’s new Development Committee, chaired by Linda McAvan, has been formed at an important juncture for development policy. In the run-up to May’s elections the merit and value of Overseas Development Assistance was loudly questioned by UKIP and other Eurosceptic parties.
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Development Policy 24-07-2014

Raising Awareness on EU Development Policy

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to improving people's lives across the globe, but mostly in regions where it's most needed to eradicate poverty. In Europe specifically the foundation is seeking partnerships with governments, civil society, and media. What we're trying to achieve here is really build long lasting relationships in order to improve the quality and quantity of aid spending. But also make sure that development stays high on the agenda.
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Development Policy 04-10-2013

New ideas for EU’s development action

While the current eight MDGs expire in 2015, global and EU political thinking is focusing on the new priorities for development action. With the largest donor -- the EU -- currently going through an economic crisis and the fact that many 'developing' countries are now 'developed', there is an increase need for revising the current MDGs. What are the lessons learned in the past decade regarding development policy? Which are the areas that need stronger emphasis? Are there issues that have been disregarded in the previous MDGs?