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Enlargement 27-07-2012

Ex-Miloševi? aide takes over as Serbian PM

The wartime spokesman of late strongman Slobodan Miloševi? is set to take power in Serbia today (27 July), telling the Balkans to forget the past and not fear the return of a political alliance that once led the country to war with NATO.
Elections 29-06-2012

Socialist tapped as Serbian prime minister

A former protégé of Serbian strongman Slobodan Miloševi?, Socialist party leader Ivica Da?i?, was tapped yesterday (28 June) to become prime minister 50 days after the election. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Global Europe 22-10-2010

Serbia: A Weimar Republic?

The current situation in Serbia mirrors that of post-WW I Germany and threatens to re-focus international attention on the region, writes Marko Papic, an analyst for Stratfor, a global intelligence company based in the US.
Enlargement 04-10-2010

Dizdarevi?: Ten years on, Miloševi? scars remain in Balkans

A decade since the fall of Slobodan Miloševi?'s nationalist Serbian regime, there are still ''deep wounds'' across the former Yugoslavia which will not heal for a long time, said former Yugoslav politician Raif Dizdarevi? in an interview with Pavol Demes, director of the German Marshall Fund in Central Europe and former foreign minister of Slovakia.
Enlargement 28-07-2010

Kosovo ‘should have been taken away from Miloševi?’

The issue of an independent Kosovo should have been resolved when Slobodan Miloševi? was still Serbian leader and the recent International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling will undoubtedly give encouragement to secessionists elsewhere, Professor Tibor Varady, a member of the Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration, told EURACTIV Germany in an interview.
Central Europe 13-03-2006

Serbia shown EU route after Milosevic death

EU foreign ministers reaffirmed Serbia's EU destiny at the weekend after news came that the former Serb leader and indicted war criminal Slobodan Milosevic had died in custody.
Central Europe 03-07-2001

Milosevic defies UN court

Milosevic calls UN war crimes tribunal "illegal" and refuses to cooperate
Central Europe 29-06-2001

Yugoslavia extradites Milosevic in exchange for aid

Yugoslav government extradites former president Milosevic to UN War Crimes Tribunal in exchange for US reconstruction aid
Central Europe 03-04-2001

US lifts ban on aid to Yugoslavia

US lifts ban on aid to Yugoslavia following arrest of Milosevic despite Kostunica's refusal to hand him over to ICTY in The Hague

Opposition refuses second round in Yugoslavia

The Yugoslav opposition refuses to enter a second round in the Presidential elections

Confusion in Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia is still awaiting the final results of its presidential elections

Everybody wins in Yugoslav elections

Both candidates in the Yugoslav presidential elections claim victory.

All eyes on Yugoslav presidential elections

The European Union will be monitoring closely the presidential elections in Yugoslavia on Sunday 24 September.
Central Europe 04-09-2000

No easing of Serbia sanction before elections

EU Foreign ministers promise easing sanctions against Serbia if the country returns to democracy.